Speed bumps - it's a start - artful dodger {P}
Seems like a good result for common sense. It is interesting to note that only residents were consulted - not all road users including delivery drivers etc. I am still waiting for the first council to be sued for damage to a car directly resulting from a speed hump, this will bring councils to understand their responsibilty to drivers as well as residents.

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Speed bumps - it's a start - Lud
Since coming back from Spain on Sunday night I have noticed that the nearside front suspension bottom arm on my elderly Escort chavmobile has lunched one of its rubber bungs, the offside one having been replaced a few months ago. Telling my independent round the corner that I was right to suggest he do both (he said: leave it till the MoT and see, and I didn't insist) will be no consolation for the inconvenience and I suppose slight extra expense.

I am sure that this damage is caused more by 'those infernal things', as HJ calls them, than anything else. But I doubt if I'd hasve a case for suing London. 'Why don't you just crawl over them in bottom gear like you're supposed to?' London would reply with a wiseass sneer.
Speed bumps - it's a start - martint123
They join Cottingham then newswww.bbc.net.uk/1/hi/england/humber/4161226.stm

Road speed bumps are to be removed from a village in East Yorkshire after a three-year campaign by residents.

Villagers in Cottingham, near Hull, repeatedly asked the council to remove the bumps because of the noise heavy vehicles made driving over them.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has agreed to replace the bumps with new road markings. Work starts on Thursday.

Other safety measures in the village, including a 20mph zone in the village centre, will be retained.

Cottingham North councillor Peter Faulkner said the bumps had done nothing but frustrate motorists and cause noise distress to residents.

"We support measures which improve road safety and protect pedestrians, but the humps do neither," he said.

Speed bumps - it's a start - RichardM
Good news, but I wonder how many of these residents either campaigned for the things in the first place or didn't object to them when proposed.

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