Citroen ZX 1.8 8v - Idle/Starting Proble - ***Dave_B***

Can anyone help with an intermmitent starting and idling problem on this car.
The problems is that the car fires up and runs for a second or two before cutting out. Consistently try restarting and after 5 or 6 times the car idles. If you press the accelerator the engine dies. Can be overcome by letting engine idle for ~1min, then gently feathering the accelerator peddle until engine speed increases without cutting out. I have changed head gasket ~5 months ago and I have therefore checked, cleaned and reconnected all the sensor multi-plugs. I have also changed the Plugs and Plug leads. Could possibly be fault with a sensor but unsure how to check for faults or which sensor could cause the problem. Idle sensor appears to be ok, can blow through when ignition off, and closes when ignition is on (presume this is correct!)
Car is a 1993 1.8i 8 valve Avantage.

Citroen ZX 1.8 8v - Idle/Starting Proble - David G.I.Davies
This could be a fault with the coolant temp. sensor reading too high at cold start.Check its resistance when cold,you should get 2 to 3 kohms.I'd replace it anyway to eliminate it as a source of the problem-not an expensive part.Alternatively have the system scanned,virtually any garage will have something that will connect to your Citroen.
David Davies
Citroen ZX 1.8 8v - Idle/Starting Proble - SaabFanatic
Online ZX workshop manual here:

(Index page is in Russian but .pdf pages are in English; found this on Google when looking for info for another ZX-owning poster)
Citroen ZX 1.8 8v - Idle/Starting Proble - ***Dave_B***
Many Thanks for this. I will find it very useful. I did see if Haynes issued manuals in PDF format, but they believed it was not beneficial. I personnaly believe it would be a good idea to print the required pages when working on the car.

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