Picasso alternatives? - Jase

Yesterday we went for a test drive in a Picasso 1.6HDi 110BHP at the local dealer. I loved it. Engine was easily strong enough (3up + baby) and very quiet for a diesel. Nice to drive, boot is massive, lots of cubby holes. Job done I thought, except after 30mins my wife said her back ached a bit. Damn. We'll test drive another to be sure but, alas, I need to consider Picasso like alternatives that offer as much new car as possible for the cash. Other than old shape Zafira's (Not a fan of them at all) I am a bit stumped. We want the MPV shape btw - that is the only criteria and I'd like a diesel.

Any suggestions most welcome. thanks as usual

Scenic (turbo issues with DCi?)
C-Max - how big are these and how expensive?
Picasso alternatives? - DavidHM
Can't really advise but there are HUGE discounts on the C-Max at www.drivethedeal.com at the moment (and elsewhere - Ford are up to Citroën levels of generosity in flogging the diesels).
Picasso alternatives? - 1066
my 2.0tdci cmax is very quick, really economical and very comfortable but the thing is falling apart around my ears and the paintwork quality is appaling..
Focus CMax: help with getting the deal - Jase

After yesterdays Picasso glitch, we visited the local Ford main dealer this afternoon and had a snoop round a CMax. Very impressed. Definitely more substantial build quality than the Picasso and I preferred the interior and tbh the whole look and feel of the car. Importantaly, anecdotal evidence from this site suggests the seats are very good over longer distances.

OK - we are test driving this car on Tuesday:

Just in case the link doesn't work, it's a silver 1.6TDCi Zetec, allegedly 10MILES on the clock and according to the RAC site has not yet been registered (although it seems to have a registration??). So its basically a year old new car, uou'll see it is stickered up for £11998 but this is obviously too expensive thanks to DavidHM's post about DriveTheDeal's offers.

Given that we'll be trading in two cars (see here)

valued at @£10Kt trade in; what is a realistic deal I should aim for. Would my cars £1000 be a good effort?

Thanks Guys!
Focus CMax: help with getting the deal - blue_haddock
Only other thing i could think about is the Corolla Verso.
Focus CMax: help with getting the deal - 1066
if you can find one i'd get the 2.0tdci as the 6speed gearbox is fantastic on motorways. 70mph does 1800rpm. 55-60mpg>> Hello,

Picasso alternatives? - machika
my 2.0tdci cmax is very quick, really economical and very comfortable
but the thing is falling apart around my ears and the
paintwork quality is appaling..


Gosh, a Ford that is failing to live up to expectations?
Picasso alternatives? - wotspur
About 4 years ago, my wife also test drove a Picasso and whilst there was quite a good deal on the table, like Nissan vehicles it seemed a bit tinny to drive, so went for the Senic Fidji 1.9, a little underpowered but good on fuel consumption, she's done about 18,000 miles and only filled up once!! apart from requiring a new engine with less than 6,000 miles on the clock, see my other postings re Renault diesel engines, it's better fittings and n-cap safety tests. If affordable I'd probably look at the Toyota, or Peugeot equivalent. I had an 806, for 6 years did over 160k miles before problems set in.
30 mins test drives don't really do it, choose 3 cars that your pretty sure of liking and then hire each for a weekend if the garage won't allow you that period of trial, better to waste £200, than £10-12k.
good luck
Picasso alternatives? - dodo
I concur re the 2.0 TDci C-Max. Mine has 160000 miles and has been utterly reliable, goes like stink and nothing has fallen off. One of the best most comfotable crs i have owned including VW, BMW, Audi and M Benz. Mind you I'm going to look at an S Max on Friday...
Picasso alternatives? - Zippy123
Would really recommend the VW Touran. Very comfortable seats imho. Superb build quality and you can get them cheap from on line retailers.

1.9tdi are v good but they also do 1.6 petrols.

They also do 5 and 7 seat models.

Picasso alternatives? - Jase
Thanks for all the replies everyone and particulary the CMax stuff, which is leading the race at the moment. I'll feedback when we've driven the 1.6TDCi Zetec on Friday!
Picasso alternatives? - Altea Ego
Re the Touran, its the best handling, most comfortable and immensly practical MPV of the lot. The seats are superb and 250 miles in one sitting with no aches and pains is the norm.

It is also the most unreliable heap I have ever allowed on the drive. Its not actually left me stranded on the side of the road yet or failed to start, but I can see the appointment in the diary!
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Picasso alternatives? - lordy
Is it not worth another drive in the Picasso? I'm not a fan of French cars really, but the Picasso has always seemed an absolute bargain to me. OK, it's a bit tinny, and wallowy in the corners, but still alot of practical car for the money.

I believe when the 'new' Picasso (whatever it may be called) goes on sale, the current model will be sold alongside as a budget MPV. Even more of a bargain, non?

let me be the last to let you down....
Picasso alternatives? - PW
Although new model will probably also mean a sharp drop in residuals- which is part of the reason will not be keeping mine too long (although really really like the car).

PS really dont find the Picasso that wallowy, but do find am a more relaxed driver in it than the Mondeo.
Picasso alternatives? - meeper
See if you can test a Picasso with leather seats, I think they are throwing in leather on some of the models. I find leather trim often makes seats very different in the way they support you compared to the same seat trimmed in cloth so it might solve the back problem. Also easier to keep clean if you have kids :0)
Picasso alternatives? - wotspur
Scenic ( turbo issues with Dci)
My wives scenic Fidji 1.9 dci required a new engine after less than 6,000miles, but no problems with the actual turbo from recollection. Interested to know where you heard or read this information from. Now 3+ years old and caused no further major problems, so far!!
Picasso alternatives? - PW
Hi Jase- what was the verdict on the C-Max?

Another one to consider is the Almera Tino- although, again, this is due to be replaced very soon.

Test drove one a couple of years back and seemed a good car. Only thing didnt like was the gear lever made driving it feel like being in a Transit.

Only reason didn't get one is that couldn't find a diesel.
Picasso alternatives? - Jase

Verdict on the C-Max was..it was sold hours before we were due to test drive it!

Apparently they have another demo car, but that is currently out on loan. We'll drive it when it returns hopefully!

Picasso alternatives? - PW
Good luck for that one....

By the way- where was your wife sitting when she had the problem with her back? My wife sat in the back of ours recently and said that is noticeably more comfortable in the front.

Additionally the lumbar support on the drivers seat can make a big difference.

Did the first measured mpg on mine brim to brim- and got 46.8 mpg. Computer says my average speed is 48mpg (my driving is nearly all motorway / dual carriageway).
Picasso alternatives? - PW
Also forgot to say- was having a look round a Honda FRV the other day. Looked like quite a good car- and is a 6 seater.

Alternatively there is the Seat Altea- doesnt look as practical as other mini mpvs (ie not 3 seperate rear seats) but lots of cubby holes.

Hope this helps.
Picasso alternatives? - Victorbox
"old shape Zafira's (Not a fan of them at all)"
The new Zafira is in a different league - even Honest John rates them www.honestjohn.co.uk/road_tests/index.htm?id=205
and now the new model is almost 12 months old there must be some bargains out there. Even some of the ex-dealer demo vehicles locally look tempting.
Picasso alternatives? - PW
PS Jase- have you considered going through the auctions once you've decided on the car?

I used Joe Dowd again to source my Picasso- paid under £5000 for an 02 reg with 47000 miles. Car is absolutely immaculate- and as usual Joe steered me clear of buying a lemon.
Picasso alternatives? - RogerPJ
Joe can be contacted through www.auctioncarbuyer.co.uk
I've used him for my last 6 cars and I would thoroughly recommend his services.
Picasso alternatives? - Jase
Thanks for all the replies.

We are looking to trade 2 cars into 1 - in one transaction - so not sure the auction buyer approach is a goer for us. Sure he is very good though. Having to rear the baby and also with me working in a different town from where we live, we haven't got the time or inclination to sell two cars privately. I realise this isn't the most financially efficient buying model but it suits our needs at the mo'

I will see what deals there are on the new Vectra around our Vx main dealers so thanks for that tip.
C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi - reasonable price or - Jase
Hello Again,

Still pursuing a C-Max: Tonight we are back at the main dealer driving an 05 2.0TDCi Ghia, 10k miles with leather seats, parking sensors and privacy glass extras. Ford direct jobbie. It seems a very nice car, suits us perfecty on the face of it and the Ghia definitely has a nicer ambience than the Zetec. Looking forward to trying out this 2.0TDCi engine that seems to attract praise.

Anyway - we're still trading in the Leon and the Primera and the deal stage (subject to her seeing the Nissan) is our two cars + £3k.

Details of part ex's here.


What deal should I be looking to achieve in reality?

Appreciate the posts so far and promise i will give my Cmax impressions back when I actually get to drive one!!
C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi - reasonable price or - Peter S
I've no direct experience of the C-Max, but drivethedeal currently have the 2.0DCI Ghia discounted by £6,612 to £12,732. Now I know £19.5k is silly money for a small ford people carrier, but 35% discount seems to smack of desperation to me... On that basis, an '05 one should be well under £10k surely??


C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi - reasonable price or - Jase

Thanks for the posts once again. The DriveTheDeal price with leather, dark glass and parking sensors and metallic is just shy of £14k, which is certainly a good deal although doesn't meet our immediate need of trading in two cars hassle free. Also, I can't find any 2.0 TDCi '05 Ghia's with leather for anything like £10k.

So having eeked a little bit more out and got a tank of diesel we'll be taking ownership of the aforementioned CMax 2.0TDCi Ghia with leather and gangster glass next week!

We can't wait - the wife and I both loved it during the test drive and the baby smiled happily away in the back throughout! The 2.0 TDCi seems fantastic - quiet and smooth for a diesel and tons of poke. The whole car was extremely comfortable and I enjoyed driving it loads more than the Picasso.
C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi - reasonable price or - Adam {P}
Congratulations Jase. I've never been in a diesel C-Max but the later ones (after they ironed out the faults) seem to get great reviews. Sounds like you'll enjoy it.

C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi - reasonable price or - PW
Congratulations on the new car. Would be very interested in hearing how you get on with the car.
C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi - reasonable price or - Jase
Thanks all.

I'll put up a warts n all review once we've had it for a bit.

BTW - I still think the Picasso is an excellent car. To be fair it wasn't a fair comparison seeing as the CMax has much more power and more toys than the Picasso we drove. I think had the wife been happy we'd have been in one!

1.6TDCi CMax Zetec vs 1.TDCi Picasso Desire would be the correct match up.
C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi - reasonable price or - reevsie
Jase as a matter of interest how much in pt ex are you getting for the Leon?
C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi - reasonable price or - Jase
Hello reevsie,

A very helpful reply from PeterPerfect from another thread!


Excellent condition:
Average condition:
Below average condition:

I got £5500 according to the sales voucher, but this is a bit academic really. Its cost to change which reveals how good or bad the deal was. Try and use the same source for trade-in values of your car and alleged retail value of the new car.

Having checked autotrader it seems that pre-facelift Leon Cupra prices are all over the place from £5500 (115k miles private sale) to £8500 (47k main dealer).

Ask Honest John

Value my car