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I've finally deserted Citroen in favour of a Focus 1.8 TDCi 115PS Lx and have been impressed by that engine, the performance which is a bit of an eye opener after BXs & Xantia diesels, the gear change, how well screwed together it is and surprisingly enough (having come from 30 years of Citroen Hydraulic magic carpet ride) the ride is pretty good too. The only problem is the seats in the Lx, I just can't get a comfortable position, mostly because there is no tilt adjustment on the squab and no lumbar either.

Does anyone know if the Ghia version offers these adjustments and would one fit if I could find one at a scrap yard? Failing that any recommendations for an aftermarket seat, bearing in mind I'm used to the Citroen armchair sort of seat?
Thanks Pete
Focus TDCi Lx Seats - y2k+4
I must admit that this has been my problem with my good old Focus LX. I found the Ghia seats in Mum's Mondeo vastly superior, and with only minimal loss in agility, I'm considering switching to Mondeo (though with a maximum loss in image IMO). I think the Ghia does have upgraded seats (or they're an option fitted to the Focus II she test-drove.
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85 quid on ebay, including postage - here´s the item number:

Focus TDCi Lx Seats - ghostrider
Hi Thanks for that, should solve my problem? :-)))
Focus TDCi Lx Seats - L'escargot
Focus Ghia seats have mechanical lumbar adjustment and electric height adjustment. The thing I like about the Ghia seats is that they don't have side bolsters. I find that the contact pressure of side bolsters promotes bursitis in my thighs.

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