VVT-i - type's'
I appreciate some of you learned folks may think this has been done to death previously but does anyone actually understand the full scope/nature of the oil consumption problem on the 'super-reliable !!!' Toyota vvt-i engines.
e.g does it just effect a certain engine size with components manufactured before a certain date.
The reason I ask is that I am trying to understand (without talking to the dealer) if SWMBO's Corolla is affected. She drives an Oct 03 1.4 vvt-i and currently only has 11k miles on the clock.
Most CBCB are vague.
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
VVT-i - lordy
My dad runs a corolla 1.4 vvt-i of the same vintage, he is one to check fluid levels on a regular basis, he has had no problems or unusual consumption of oil.

I did run an avensis 1.8 vvti, which I believe is one of the engines which can have excessive oil consumption. Again, I never had any problems over the 40,000 miles I ran the car.

let me be the last to let you down....
VVT-i - P.Mason {P}
We've owned a 2001 reg. Corolla 1.4 VVT-i (40k.) since last Nov.
I check the oil level every week, and haven't had to top it up yet. Very pleased with it apart from the very short seat squab.
It pulls away at low revs. very much better than my Aerodeck.
VVT-i - tr7v8
My wife runs a 1.4 Corolla on a 53 plate, although it's had lots of problems, oil consumption is not one of them!
VVT-i - mlj
There is exhaustive discussion of this on the toyotaowners forum. There is a problem on vvt-i engines between 99 and 02. 1.4,1.6 and 1.8 are affected. Toyota do have an unpublicised policy to monitor these engines and if excessive oil consumption is recorded by them (1 litre per 600 miles if I remember correctly) they will replace short engine lock stock and barrel. This is dependent on full Toyota service history of course. Reportedly though, some dealers are more supportive than others. Toyota cover this fault for five years / 100K miles.
VVT-i - type's'
Many thanks to all - I agree with the seat squab comment as well. It is interesting though reading about people having problems with Corollas in general now (as I have). Makes you wonder if Toyota are doing a VW and living off a reputation with today's cars. I currently own a Honda and a Corolla (ok it's hers) and I would not put them in the same league - Honda is streets ahead. I am sorry now that I bought it her and not the Jazz.
VVT-i - Avant
Elder daughter had an 04-reg 1.3 (French-built) Yaris and had 32,000 totally faultless miles from it - and she drives like a bat out of hell. It weas particularly lively too - possibly because of her rather gung-ho approach to running in. She got a very good deal on a new Yaris last month.

Is the Corolla one of the Toyotas built here in the UK? I would hope if so that that wouldn't make a difference.

Incidentally, Type S, if you see this, is your Honda a Civic type S like SWMBO's? Hers (04-reg) has been excellent apart from the appalling turning circle. But it'll be her last Civic as neither of us is prepared to accept the rear blind spots of the new model. We got it as something a bit quicker than the Jazz which preceded it, and it's certainly that, but perhaps a bit too big for her needs.
VVT-i - blue_haddock
Is the Corolla one of the Toyotas built here in the
UK? I would hope if so that that wouldn't make
a difference.

All Avensis are made at Burnaston and some corolla's are made there, although identical models are also made in japan so it's pot luck which one you get.
VVT-i - tr7v8
Is their any way of telling?
Wifes 53 plate has had new clutch at 30K, complete gearbox rebuild at 40K, various repeated ABS faults, which have involved various sensors plus complete ECU!
VVT-i - madf
VIN number of Japan built may be preceded by "J"> True for Yaris so likely for other models.
VVT-i - type's'
SWMBO's Corolla is a Japanese model. I have not had any oil problems with it (touching wood). But the number of rattles in side the car is driving me mad and I only drive it now and again. Also there was a problem with a whining noise (a bit like me some may say) - I thought it was transmission but it tunred out to be the front towing eye - apparently it needed a standard dealer fit modification - which has cured the problem. This is my first foray into Toyota world and I have to say overall I am not impressed with the build quality - dealers have been good though as has mechanical/engine reliability.

Avant - the Type S is actually the Accord but I agree with what you sat about the new versus old Civic.
VVT-i - tr7v8
I must admit my wifes corolla has been abysmal, we'd complained about the gearbox at the 10K mark and then until it's 40K service when they finally acknowledged a problem. They had it 3 weeks & the items they replaced were horrific. 1st, 2nd & 5th gear clusters & baulk rings, plus bearings!
The dealer is not impressive either.

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