Non starting Vauxhall Astra DTI - angiet2000
Hi anyone able to help on non starting problems? The car has been turning over slower when starting in the mornings, started ok today but when returning from work at lunchtime turned over once then was dead. Tried to jump start it but nothing, not even turning over and no click from the ignition (thought it might be the starter??) Bump started it to get me home (yes I know you're not supposed to with a diesel) on returning home, turned it off and tried to start it again and it did, first time. When I tried again earlier this evening, nothing??? It it just a new battery I need? I am with the RAC but don't want to waste a call out if it's only a battery I need.

Thanx guys in advance of replies.


Non starting Vauxhall Astra DTI - bell boy
why not get a local garage to check the charging system?as there may be nothing wrong with the battery.
Non starting Vauxhall Astra DTI - angiet2000
Unfortunately because we live in a rural location, the local garage has a two week waiting list of cars to be seen. If I can't get to the route of the problem then it would have to be the RAC as they would take it to the local garage and it would be priority then.

It's weird, I checked it again this morning and it was dead again but yet my dashboard lights are bright which you don't expect if you have a flat battery??. It bump starts at the slightest push???

Non starting Vauxhall Astra DTI - piston power
sounds like starter to me if you can bump it off, you can try tapping the solonoid if you can get to it my petrol astra is a pain!!
Non starting Vauxhall Astra DTI - Civic8
How did you try jump starting,Ie was it jump leads from another car or by booster battery?

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