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my mother a young 70+ wants a new car. has had peugeots for a long time. most recent 306 td '98 61k. now fancies a change.Considered 206 cc but has resolve to something more practical. needs to be large enough to carry luggage and stuff to the dump and sporty enough to give a thrill-not many other options at 70!! Any make considered. 13-18k budget basically what's the best hatchback?
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What's best to one person is not necessarily best to another.

What about another Peugeot, a 307?
which car? - L'escargot
What about another Peugeot, a 307?

They don't seem to have a very good reputation for reliability. What about a Focus?
which car? - Chas{P}
How about a Peugeot 207?

Same size as a 306, bang up to date and has a good HJ write up.

Available from June 8th

Was Charles {P} but someone c o p i e d my name with spaces.
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I suggest she tries a Skoda Fabia VRS or Octavia VRS depending on what size she wants. The Fabia is at the bottom end of her budget, the Octavia at the top. Fabia ia a turbodiesel, Octavia a petrol (the same engine as the Golf GTI).

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