tom tom no no - Brad
Seen the persuasive adverts but trying to find one in the shops is hard work. Are they available yet (910 and 710). Is it reasonable to expect a demo in a shop or should I buy on spec (asked in a well known PC shop and the assistant pointed to the price label and said "it does all this"). Do I need street maps of USA if I'm never going to drive there. Are they as good as they say with hands free phones? If I have a satnav with speed camera capability will the gendarmes fine me? Is the ONE level OK or should I go for the latest version
tom tom no no - David Horn
Tried Halfords? They'll let you play with them.

W/regard to the handsfree, it's very effective, but a bit quiet on the older models, dunno if they've fixed this. People give me odd looks as I drive down the motorway with my head practically against the windscreen trying to hear the thing. But the software is very impressive.

I believe the gendarmes confiscate them if they discover that they point out speed cameras.
tom tom no no - SjB {P}
> I believe the gendarmes confiscate them if they discover that they point out speed cameras.

Done to death last week; apparently not so.
tom tom no no - PhilW
"I believe the gendarmes confiscate them if they discover that they point out speed cameras."

Only if they are radar detectors - which Tom-Tom is not.
Go to any French supermarket, you can buy a great range of Satnavs with speed camera warnings.
Michelin offers a free download of locations for your Michelin Satnav
scroll down to bottom of page
French autoroutes authority publishes locations of speed cameras,
Michelin maps now show speed camera locations.
Would they confiscate your Michelin map?
Loads of sites to download French, Belgian etc scamera locations eg

tom tom no no - Pugugly {P}
with hands free phones

Not as good as a built in Bluetooth hands free, but I have say nothing wrong with it on a TT 700.
tom tom no no - Brad
2 local halfords offering 700 and ONE - nowt else
tom tom no no - tr7v8 were showing stock of the new x10 models over the weekend. And goodish prices. Just brought a 500 off of E Bay, after trying the wifes 500 during the week, found volume on Bluetooth more than adequate in the Porsche in fact it needs turning down!
tom tom no no - bobda
I bought a TomTom 510 a couple of weeks ago.

I'd previously been using a PDA with a seperate GPS receiver and the TomTom software running on it.

The 510 is very good, I've used it a couple of time and I've activated my free month trial of the TomTom traffic service which seems pretty good, although I've not come across any traffic that isn't usually there on my 25 mile commute anyway!

The handsfree feature is pretty snazzy as well, it links to your phone by Bluetooth, initially downloads all your contacts to the device and allows you to set up data connections for the traffic service.
The handsfree feature itself is very useful, just turn the TomTom on and it connects. The speaker volume was a bit low at first and I couldn't find a way of changing it, but I worked out it was set by the phone, not the TomTom. You can also write and receive texts on it, but I wouldn't recommend writing them as it's a bit dodgy to be tapping at a screen while you're driving (or while stationary, for that matter).

I've very briefly used a 500 and it was good as well, but the 510 has a few better features such as a faster processor, wider screen, light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, updated maps, updated software, built in TomTom speed camera sites (free trial, the official updates you have to pay for) and a few other bits.

The 510 is actually a 710, but without the European maps, the 910 is different with spoken word instructions, picture viewers, a hard disk and ipod control. All stuff that I probably would never use!

Hope this was some help to you.
If you've any more questions, just ask!


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