coolant loss Volvo V70 tdi - adverse camber
We have a 99 V70 tdi (the old vw 5 cylinder diesel).

We keep getting coolant loss, but its irregular. The car will be fine for ages then suddenly lose maybe a pint of coolant. There are no obvious leaks anywhere. hoses seem OK. In about 18months I have had to top it up 4 times. I keep an eye on the level regularly and it seems constant, but then (and its always on a morning) we start it and the warning light is on. Sure enough we are down again. I checked the level on Friday - fine. This morning, low.

All I can think is that the cap on the expansion tank might be playing up? It is the later green one (I know early V70's had a problem with the caps). Is there a suitable dye (like the A/C dye) that can be stuck in the coolant - or should antifreeze show up under uv anyway?


(Volvo quality ? pah)
coolant loss Volvo V70 tdi - Xileno {P}
Dealer should be able to do a system pressure check.
coolant loss Volvo V70 tdi - Pugugly {P}
Having become an expert on this (Office hack days), worth checking or even replacing without checking the cap on the expansion tank. It looks innocent enough but can be faulty !


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