Mondeo TDCi DMF - Little Fanta
At 55k I have been told that I need a new dual mass flywheel owing to starter motor failing to throw into the ring gear.
My queries are
1)Should the bell housing be full of carbon dust from the dmf pads.
2) Should I be seeing metal to metal scuff marks just to the inside of where the carbons pads are located in in component.
My dealership tells that the dmf is OK had it not marked the ring gear.
THis happened yesterday, Monday I had booked it in for vibration through the clutch pedal and poor in town running.

Hope somebody has an answer many thanks in anticipation.

Mondeo TDCi DMF - hford
The DMF - dual mass flywheel is two plates seperated by a washer. If the washer fails it allows the two plates to move against each other.

The resultant swarf (dust) ends up in the starter and stops the starter gear sliding and engaging with the ring gear.

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