Astra MkII offside rear brake - Nick Shirley
If anybody can help me i would be much appreciated.
I have an H-Reg Vauxhall Astra 1.4L, with about 90,000 miles on the clock.

A couple of months ago the Rear drivers side wheel jammed on, and i could not move the car without wacking the wheel with a hammer (RAC recommendation). Now however the brake makes a ratlling noise when i go round a right hand bend or go ove a big bump, and sounds like the brake drum is hitting the wheel or is loose, but i can't see anything visible, can anybody help?
Re: Astra MkII offside rear brake - steve paterson
You must take the brake drum off. The return springs are prone to rusting and snapping. A leaking wheel cylinder can also cause linings to stick on. Good chance you've got both problems, and the other side will be just the same.
Re: Astra MkII offside rear brake - Andrew Hamilton
Whenever the brake fluid leaks, on vehicles I have owned, the brakes become wet with the fluid and braking effort is minimal. I have never found the linings sticking and that they can surprised me.
Although replacing springs using a kit is not expensive , I found previous owners neglect resulted in rust preventing brake drums coming off. The studs rusted and it could take quite a time to get the brake drum off. Putting grease on the studs prevented future problems.

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