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Latest Chav add on - type's'
Referenced this from
>>Technology consultancy Antonov is to demonstrate its two-speed supercharger system at the Engine Expo in Stuttgart next week. This system, the first such supercharger design to go into production, is claimed to enable power and performance gains that allow for the fitment of smaller engines, and to be affordable enough to fit in mainstream vehicles.

Antonov is also to demonstrate its supercharger at the Zandvoort race circuit, the Netherlands, a week later, fitted in a Mercedes and a Ford Mustang. It expects to sell the device as an aftermarket product for tuners and modifiers, but is hoping to supply it to manufacturers for production vehicles.>>

You can just imagine all the C2s and Saxos now supercharged.

Latest Chav add on - Pugugly {P}
Is this Antonov as in the Russioan Aircraft makers ?
Latest Chav add on - adverse camber
I would guess the gearbox people. Think they are aim listed rather than full listing.
Latest Chav add on - tack
Latest chav add on, Antonov Supercharger.

Have you seen the over 65's add on? A tartan blanket and pork pie hat on the parcel shelf.
Latest Chav add on - type's'
Thats it - the tartan blanket is coming out the car right now.
Latest Chav add on - Cymrogwyllt
In order to assist other motorists, drivers with limited intellectual abilities & who have little (removed)now have to display a white flag with a red cross on it.
Latest Chav add on - corblimeyguvnar
a little (removed)????

Calm down Saes bocser
Latest Chav add on - sierraman
Have you seen the over 65's add on? A tartan
blanket and pork pie hat on the parcel shelf.

Trilby surely.
Latest Chav add on - Wally Zebon
I hardly think a Chav could afford to install a supercharger into his/her Saxo

They would however be able to buy from ebay the little black box that makes the sound of one when they floor it, and if they've got some extra pocket money this week then they could get one of those 15BHP mods (a resistor to you and me) that upgrades every car known to man into a supercar baiting, flame spitting monster!
Latest Chav add on - Ian (Cape Town)
I've seen the fake plumbing kit, which goes with the fake sound...
So it LOOKS like and SOUNDS like you have a turbocharger!

Latest Chav add on - Sofa Spud
If boy racers start fitting aftermarket superchargers to Saxos, Corsas etc., there'll a lot of blown engines in more than one sense....BANG!!!!

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