New to me - road markings. - henry k
In the Kingston area, newly painted red squares in the middle of a carriageway.
About the size and positioning of road humps, with a white border and two white trangles apex to apex.

I am guessing that they are to indicate the start of a 20mph area.

Have I missed something or can any council paint what they like on the road and we are just left to guess the meaning?

At least at Roehampton there was a sign explaining that the odd road markings were experimental.

Are there any other new markings around that I should know about?
New to me - road markings. - daveyjp
They are 'false' roadhumps and give you the impression of it being an actual roadhump so you slow down. Ok the fist time you come across them, but on a regular route they just get ignored. We have some in a village near us, the first and last are as you describe, but in between are proper humps.
New to me - road markings. - Lud
In Northern Ireland a few years ago the roads used to be covered, here and there, with roughly-painted national flags and various sorts of triumphalist, threatening or whingeing graffiti. Perhaps they still are.
New to me - road markings. - Stuartli
We have these road markings in this neck of the woods. They are used at the approach to a lower speed limit and have the speed limit included in the red area.
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