T reg Ford Mondeo problems! - mbah4
Hi there,

Our very reliable T reg Mondeo GLX Auto (87,000miles)finally seems to have expired with a combination of some of the "usual" Mondeo problems. It expired on the M25 on Friday with overheating - no water at all left and engine died.

Daughter who was driving insists that she had no warning but engine still turns over, cambelt (done 37,000 miles) seems Ok as camshafts turn, along with auxillary drive belt too. Clearly water containing antifreeze has been sprayed over the bottom of the righthand end of the engine/driving belt.
However engine shows no sign of life at all, with starter making an unusual noise and seeming to turn OK but slowly and engione is not seized. (No battery issues as all electrics operate OK) Starter was OK previously.

There is no water in oil apparent and even without water in block or with blown head gasket it should show some sign of life.

Does the Mondeo have some kind of temperature sensor or something in ECC that would prevent a re-start? I am aware that water leaks, pumps and starters are all known problems but in combination ???

Has any one any useful suggestions to steer me in a direction? I will start by sorting out leak with new water pump, hoses etc but after that ???

Hopefully someone can help from their experiences.
T reg Ford Mondeo problems! - Roberson
I'm no expert on Mondeos, so I apologise that I can't answer any of your specific questions about ECU temp senders and the like. But if were you, I would start with a compression test first. From what I gather from your post, it sounds like the coolant either gradually or suddenly escaped leaving the engine to run entirely without coolant. In such a case, your daughter may be right when she says there was no audible/visual warning on the dashboard, because as the engine runs dry, the temp sender for the temperature gauge is no longer in contact with any coolant and thus will give a 'cold' reading on the dial.

Because of this, the engine may have been running for some time with no coolant and as a consequence, overheated badly. In which time, serious damage will/may have resulted on the bores and piston rings and thus the reason it died and wont start could be because of low compressions.

In any case, this overheating could also have warped the cylinder head giving the same low compression.

Mind you, there could be a more simple explanation for this, because I?m no expert, but I would say you could be looking at a ruined engine and big bills.
T reg Ford Mondeo problems! - FatDogMendoza
The same thing happened to my Mondeo (N reg 60000 miles) - a metal coolant pipe failed and all the antifreeze drained out. There was no signs of overheating - the temp gauge stayed in the middle. The pipe that failed was a known weakness according to the garage that fixed it (~£700 bill)
T reg Ford Mondeo problems! - David Horn
Don't mondeo's have a coolant level sensor?
T reg Ford Mondeo problems! - henry k
Don't mondeo's have a coolant level sensor?

My S reg Ghia X has one but I am not sure that normal specs have them.

By coincidence mine has just started to be iffy. From startup. it falsly shows low coolant for the first few minutes.
T reg Ford Mondeo problems! - van man
there is a coolant pipe that runs under the engine(metal)that corrodes thru and costs about £25 i did 1 the other week they are common about an hour to fit,if i were you i would refill vehicle with water and check oil level then run it and see what happens if it o.k then drain water and refill with correct amount antifreeze its process of elimination try not to spill any water when filling system then leaks will be more apparant......(run till fan comes in)

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