Monthly Running costs for Used Cars - Steve
I'm trying to find out average monthly running costs for used (1-3 years old) cars -
any ideas where to look?
Car Mags are very good for data for new cars (insurance, pence/mile, depreciation,
service costs) but I'm looking for similar data for used cars.
I'm about to change jobs and will give up a company car for a cash allowance -
£400 per month after tax. My wife's Renault Megane (1.6RT 5dr) has just reached
3 yrs old and has cost £310 per month for 6k miles/yr.
I'm contemplating a used Audi / BMW / Merc but want to do my sums before
even looking around forecourts or small ads - but where can I get the figures?
RE: Monthly Running costs for Used Cars - Neil
Fleet News gives some indicative prices for monthly costs broken down in terms
of miles per year (10k, 15k, 20k, ...) and then the pence per mile figures for
depreciation, fuel, maintenance, and so on.

They also give Residual Values for a variety of makes/models/specs in the different
sectors. These can be used to guestimate any further depreciation of nearly new and
used vehicles.

The Road Tests are also well written by people who appear to enjoy driving.

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