97 GTi 2.0 8v poor performance and stalling. - stef1244

I have the above mentioned vehicle and I am not mechanically minded, but these are the problems Im facing. It running like a three legged Donkey. The revs are up and down and it stalls. When it is left a while it will start but is still rough. Its not long had a service which included new plugs and leads`and the timing is correct. I have not long had the car.
Im being told that it has a AAG engine and the code is 00513-G28. After testing it, the signal is out of tolerence.

Basicly I have not a clue what could be causing this!!

Can anyone help? Many Thanks

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VW Golf GTi 2.0 8V 1997 - David G.I.Davies
G28 is the engine speed sensor or crank sensor,a common fault on your Golf.The obvious thing to do is to renew it.

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