Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - scarlett pimpernel
Other than the obvious MPVs are there any hatches or estates that will comfortably take 3 kids in child restraints in the back?
Oldest child 3,second 1 and 1 on way................
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - NowWheels
The answer for 3 people in the back used to be most Peugeots, because they didn't have a transmission tunnel, so the centre passenger didn't have to leave their legs at home. Dunno if they are still made that way, 'cos I've not tried the newer Pugs.

However, at that age, presumably the main question is whether there are three isofix child seat attachments? Beyond that, it's how easily you can lift out the child seats, so bigger doors and hugher roof is a benefit.
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Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - NowWheels
hugher = higher
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Bromptonaut
Not sure if it's one of the obvious MPV's but the Citroen Berlingo (or Peugeot Partner) will fit the bill. Three separate rear sits (two isofix) and a flat floor. Sliding doors a great help as well.
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Jono_99
Hi there,

I Had a thread on this a year ago (our third arrived last March) around which car seats would fit into a Mondeo Estate (different problem - we had the car and needed to work out how to get the kids in).

Our kids were older (5, 3 and new born), and so we were able to use booster seats with the baby's seat. With your younger kids, this will be harder.

My advice would be to visit a Mothercare World, where you can try out seats in your car. If you are certain you need a new car, take one on a test drive to Mothercare and see how it measures up.

Bottom line is that it will be tight!

Good luck

Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Brit_in_Germany
A car with three three point belts in the back is probably a must. While most estates nowadays would fit the bill, it is sometimes very difficult to fix the belts when there are three kiddy seats in the back. An MPV is, I think, the only solution here, also in view of the luggage swallowing aspect. We are very happy with out Avensis Verso, which doesn't look too van-like (Shalhambra, Espace etc.). The VW three point solution for the middle seat (mounted in the roof) put us off the Sharan.

Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - bedfordrl
I would go for a stretched limo with a mine field,electric fence and sound proofing in between.
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - cheddar
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Garethj
Bounced this thread because I've got a similar situation.

Even with our big (for a car!) Mitubishi Galant it's not possible to get 3 car seats in the rear, so it looks like a change of car is needed.

Budget is £2k or less, must be able to take 3 child seats in the back or 2 plus an adult and it must have aircon. Short list so far seems to be the Toyota Picnic or Toyota Previa. Any others I should be looking at?
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - PW
If you don't want a huge MPV take a look at a Picasso. 3 individual rear seats and in ours can get baby seat, child seat and my wife in back and all sat comfortably. Car is fairly wide, but not too long (about the same as a Golf), but lots of cubby holes and took 2 push chairs, travel cot and all our luggage with a tiny bit of room to spare. Guess a Scenic would be the same too (although they do look a bit narrower).
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Stuartli
>>take a look at a Picasso>>

All the Picasso owners with families I know acquired one for the fact that it was the only vehicle they could find that had, as PW states, three individual rear seats.
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Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Altea Ego
A renault scenic 1.6 alize of about 1998/1999 vintage can be got for 2k, It has three seperate rear seats (middle one is narrower, but can take an adult and be moved forward of the outer two for shoulder room) and aircon.

Dog slow tho, noisyish but comfy. Ignore the renault horror stories with this, mk1 scenics, coil packs and sunroofs apart, are quite rugged mechanically.
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Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - PW
Should probably add, with the Picasso, wait a couple of months for new one to come out and second hand prices to drop.

Took family in it on a short break to Ilfracombe last week, even with it fully loaded and going through hilly Devon lanes still got 47mpg.
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - type's'
The old Honda Civic has a totally flat floor in the back and I think has enough room for 3 child seats.
Other than that FRV or Scenic etc
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - GregBlack
I raised this a while back and the advice seemed to be to go for a large estate. I don't think it's ideal though since most (afaik) have the transmission tunnel at the back. Aside: on front wheel drive cars does this serve any purpose?

The ideal car for our needs is probably a Picasso, but I do worry about them being too cheap and cheerful. I guess unless you were really unlucky it would be an OK car to have. Good use of space, but not too big.

Anyway I quite fancy a Toyota so was considering the Verso (they used to have the Corolla Verso and Avensis Verso but now have just the 7-seat Verso). I think! 7-seats might be unnecessary most of the time but it should have plenty of space for 5 - if they have the flat floor. I've not been in one yet to find out. Also, low insurance groups pn Toyotas. Anyone got any info?
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Altea Ego
I doubt prices will drop on the picasso as fast as you think

Reason no 357: They are already heavily heavily discounted and cheap for what you get
Reason no 666: The new picasso is not a new picasso at all. Its a C4 based people carrier, and very big it is too, so big in fact its not in the picasso sector at all.
Reason no 274: Picasso will continue to be sold as is when new C4 MPV appears

Reason no 275: How morrisons ever expected to change safeways stores to a store that sells black pudding, advertised by a sheffield football hooligan, and keep market share in the surrey stockbroker belt is beyond me.

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Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - PW
Hi Greg,

If any help, got the Picasso earlier this year, and done about 8000 miles since June in it (now done 55000 miles on an 02 plate). No squeaks or rattles that can think of, no faults so far (touch wood) and very good economy. Overall have been very impressed and will definitely have another.
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Tiffx19
I've got 3 kids and a Berlingo.They're aged 11,10,and 7 and there's plenty room,and 3 3 point belts,plus you can get a washing machine in the back at the same time..Only downside is the amount of sweetie papers you find hidden in all the cubbies!! No more worrying about doors getting opened into parked cars anymore either.I've seen 5 door Berlingo's for less than 2k-early ones even less,but they are 3 door only.
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Garethj
Cool, I'll have a look into them - it's like a Renault 4 for the new millennium!
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - reevsie
pug 406 estate has 3x3 point seat belts in the back. not bad drive either.
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Garethj
Our Mitsubishi has 3x3 point belts in the back too, it's just the width of baby seats that makes it impossible.

I don't see too many Picassos under the £2k mark unfortunately :-(
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Happy Blue!
We have three kids aged 8, 6 and 2. We usually ferry them around in my wife's Hyundai Trajet and rent the same car on holiday. This year we rented a Daewoo (Chevrolet) Tacuma. Amazing! The kids had no trouble at all sitting in the back, nor did my wife when my eldest hogged the front passenger seat. The boot was a good size and overall a good car. Driving experience is a little dull though.

However, in the UK with badge sobbery I bet the car is dead cheap 2nd hand.

Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Happy Blue!
Just looked

You can pick up low mileage ones for about £2.5K
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - PW
Kia Carens also seems to be available in this price range. As previously stated was extrememly impressed by quality of Kia Cerato hire car had earlier this year- although don't know if this would be same for earlier models.
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - Garethj
Bounce this to the top rather than start a new topic - I just read this from the new child seat law:

"What if I can't fit 3 child seats in the back of my car?
If a car has 3 seat belts in the rear, and 2 occupied child seats or boosters prevent the fi tting of a third, a third child 3 years or over may then use an adult belt. If there is room, it would be safer for the third child to travel in the front seat and use the correct child seat or booster."

From this site:

So it's legal to put a 3+ year old child in an adult seat belt in the middle? This could be very useful, I'll have to try our 5 year old in the middle of the Galant and see how the seat belt sits on his shoulders.

Or am I misreading this exception?
Family cars for 3 kids in the back! - malteser
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Soo... almost any car should have room for three kids:)

Roger. (Costa del Sol, España)

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