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Currently run a 1.2 16V Fiat Punto CVT (Speedgear). It runs as sweet as the proverbial nut but at 10,000 miles I've noticed a grinding noise coming from the front brakes. I'm guessing that the pads need to be replaced; although it's an auto and the brakes need to be used more, would this be 'average' mileage as it seems a bit early??? I don't brake excessively late or hard and the noise is more noticeable at low speed. No noticeable affect on braking. Suggestions welcome. As this is my first time on, please feel free to move it to the 'technical' section if it's better there.


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Well in any case stop driving it now. Each time you hear the grinding noise means you are destroying the disks. It may already be too late and the disks need replacing.
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Why not look for yourself.

You might have to take a wheel off?
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Hi aaflyer,

There's been previous mention of Punto's having a huge appetite for brake pads on this forum -
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ive just read this and got to say the daughter has one of these and she has now done 14,000 in it. I gave it a safety check last week and the pads were only half done,she is a good driver and anticipates well.
I ripped this off one of the earlier threads refered to as i agree with it i am not saying cvt poster is heavy on braking by the way but agreeing with this post

Excessive brake pad wear - Robin the Technician Tue 20 Jan 04 12:12

There is one major contributing factor that governs the rate of brake pad wear- and thats the driver. Brake pad wear is directly proportional to the conditions to which they are subjected to. If the vehicle is used for short journeys where the brakes are applied a lot in traffic going to/from work/shops then they will wear quicker. Similarly if the vehicle is used for long journeys where there are a lot of stops/ starts then, again the pads wear out quicker. In an ideal world we all drive along at 50 mph, use the gears to slow down and only need to 'dab' the brakes on at the last minute to stop the car completely. In reality, we're late for work, drive as fast as we can but the bloke in front in his Jag 4.2 is trying to squeeze 21mpg by driving along at 15 mph so we jab the brakes on and off and then scream down the bypass at 80+ and pull into the slip road braking excessively to bring the car to a halt. The sad fact is that this is how a lot of people drive these days and i'm not saying you do or you don't. The fact is that brake pad wear is caused by your right foot pressing on the pedal.
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Fiat Punto CVT servicing - aaflyer
Cheers, Oldman and for others' replies.

I agree entirely, Oldman - one person's definition of a car being driven 'carefully' or 'not braking hard' can be different form another's! I should say I bought the car with 500 miles on the clock, so the previous owner may have been quite hard on the brakes...! I'm getting them checked on Saturday so will let you know what happens!


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