rover damage to rear - daveyK_UK
rover 200 - p plate with 60 thousand on it, 1.4

got hit in the back by a football player.

the club have offered to give a grand to him or pay for the repairs (he got a £1500 repair quote).
car needs new bumper, and a bit of tidying up.

is the car worth a grand?

how much for a bumper and a spray?

rover damage to rear - normd
take the money and run! spend couple of hundred on a bumper and paint and put the rest to the summer hols.
rover damage to rear - bell boy
agreed take the money ,sell the car as damaged repairable and buy a nice fiesta.
rover damage to rear - BobbyG
On a slight tangent here - but why are the club offering the grand? Or pay the repairs?

Is he not insured to drive it?


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