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Easy Oil Change 2 - Julian Lindley

As Stuart and others suggested, I went to a yacht chandler today to see what sump oil extraction systems were on offer. I found via a catalogue and with the help of the proprietor, a neat device that is a a plastic sphere with a piston vacumn pump operated by hand, complete with inlet and outlet flexible small bore nylon hoses. The pump is similar to the pressurised ASL devices used for spraying in the garden but the valve works in reverse. At present I do not have details of the manufacturer. I ordered it, price, inclusive of VAT £36.80.

The reason I require this device is to avoid removing the underbody plastic aerodynamic shroud fitted on my MB. Six bolts locate it in place, and it looks a little unweildy. Interestingly, in casual conversation with the manager of the workshop of the local MB agency, it emerged that the procedure they use to change the oil also involves suction evacuation, but in addition they use an intermediate "flush". I need to find out what product they are using and in particular whether it is compatable with a synthetic oil I am proposing to use. This may moderate the views of purists who like to see the stuff empty from the drain plug. It also includes me.

I have not completed 13 K miles yet, and know that the automated system of service interval is likely to recommend around 10K mile intervals based on my last experience. I plan to change oil at 5000 mile intervals and leave the automated service system untouched to comply with warranty. I know it is influenced indirectly via sensors, by oil viscosity so hope the change will extend the service interval --- unless somebody tells me different!


Julian L
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - David Withers
I also seem to recall that MB now use the properties of the oil to determine when it needs changing but don't know if it is based on viscosity alone or takes other factors into account. Various such devices have been offered to engine makers over the years but they were never very convincing in tests, however I am sure the MB device is reliable.

Some time ago, Perkins Engines found that an oil change becomes vital (in a diesel engine at least) when the carbon contamination of the oil reaches 2%. I don't know of any way for car drivers to measure the carbon content of their oil but thought I'd mention this in case it is of academic interest!

Older BMWs like mine take readings from several sensors to decide how hard the car has been driven, what proportion of mileage is below normal engine operating temperature, how many cold starts, etc. but BMW realised that each of these operations impacts negatively on fuel consumption so modern BMWs use fuel consumption alone to determine the service point.
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - Ian Cook

Have you had a good look at the undertray of your MB? The reason I ask is that I have one fitted to the Xantia, and removed it to change the oil. When I got it (the undertray) into the daylight I found that it was fitted with a little hinged flap - right by the drain plug!

I did feel a Wally - or at least I would have done if I could have found him!

Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - Tony Capps
Have a look at:

These are designed for cars.
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - Moosh
What price is this piece of equipment?
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - Tony Capps
£50 I think
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - KB.
Enclosed - a copy of the details of the oil removing gadget, taken from their website for anyone who wants more details.

WE ARE a sole trader whose aim is to provide innovative solutions to technical problems associated with the motorcycle market.
OUR AIM is to provide to like minded discerning individuals a range of quality products at sensible prices to minimise the stress and hassle of maintaining motorcycles.
Please find below our current range of product which is in stock and ready for delivery. Due to the fact that we aim to stay small all payments will need to be made by cheque (see details below), this will mean clearance of these cheques are necessary prior to despatch, however next day carriage is always included in our pricing structure.
PELA JR Liquid extractor. Enables easy extraction of oil, water, antifreeze & paraffin from confined spaces and small apertures. £28.00
PELA 6000 Professional series liquid extractor £50.00
Data sheets are available for all items or you can print off the web page just click the hyperlink and print on the explorer (or navigator) toolbar.

You can email me at this mail is checked daily.
You can telephone or fax me on 0044 (for UK) (0) 1844 342089
You can write to me at
Cuttlebrook Enterprises
Jannock Cottage
Chinnor Road
HP27 9PH
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - alan
I have a new 200k MB and also aim to change the oil more oftenas I do many short trips. Where is the oil filtedr on teh engine.

On my older MB I did 5,00 changes anf it only slightly changes teh assyst tiem by about 2 months. Not so sure how acurate it is to mesure the oild degradation.

i have a suction pump that I bought from a catalogue that works on the car battery to suck the oil out A bit slow but does the job.

Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - David Withers
When I was a lad I was a member of the News Chronicle I-Spy club. Members used wrote to each other in code, just like this. The secret was to put the last two letters of each word onto the beginning of the next word.

Sorry, Alan!
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - dyslexic
The penultimate post was easier to read than the last - I think
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - David Withers
> The penultimate post was easier to read than the last - I think <

Ah, that was because I got the code wrong (as well as including a superfluous word). The salute between us badge-wearing I-Spy members was "Odhu ntinggo" which meant "Good hunting". You can work the code out yourself from that.

I can hear MBM asking: "What's all this got to do with motoring?".
Don't ask me -- it were Alan what started it!
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - David W

This I-Spy thing is stirring some memories of little books with the codes in and sending away for the "kit"??

David W(Alt)
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - KB.
Remember that Stanley Unwin dies a day or so ago. Perhaps this is by way of a tribute to the dear old chap. What a good man he was.

Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - KB.
Oh dear, seem to having trouble with my own worms, that should of course have read 'died'.
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - Julian Lindley

Must'nt upset new contributors with cheekiness, they don't always like it!

Remembering the I Spy books --- Whats the difference between a Code and a Cypher. Answers on an E card please.


Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - Julian Lindley

The oil filter housing on your MB 200 K is immediately below the plastic grey fairing on the RHS and at the front of your engine, It is shaped to look like an inlet manifold. The fairing is the length of the engine, but is in fact, on close inspection, divided into two sections. The two sections are clipped in place and using gentle and even force, can be prised free. The front unit will reveal the oil filter housing.

You will need to purchase a filter housing removal socket from your MB agent. they are a die casting and cost around £7.00. MB will supply you a list of their recommended oils. You will need to comply with approved oils to avoid infringement of the of the MB warranty.

My MB 200 K is just over 1 year old.


Julian L
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - Ian Hart
I received this message in response to my enquiry about the Pela Oil Extractor

Our distributor in the UK is GelPlane International, tel. 01656 773408
fax. 01656 782072

They are £34.95 + £7 p&p
Re: Easy Oil Change 2 - El Dingo (Martin)
Heron service stations used to use a vacuum system...."Free Oil Change with a gallon of oil". As a student I worked for Heron and was asked to 'do an oil change'. The customer complained that the new oil was dirty. Result - Area Manager docked price of the replacement oil from my pay. (But then Heron docked as much pay from their employees as they could at any opportunity and any excuse, often illegally, even for 'drive offs' - I wish Ronson was still in jail....).

Using a vacuum pump without an oil filter change you contaminate the clean oil with 10 - 20% dirty oil that stays in the filter.


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