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Hi i have a 1995 Alfa Romeo 2.0 16v and have oil in the top half of the cooling system. in the coolant reservior and the overflow pipe. the radiator is clear and so is the top and bottom hoses. No water is in the oil system although the dipstick level has fallen. presumably being pumped out.

One thousand miles ago the head was skimmed and pressure tested ok. and all was ok as i checked levels everyday, until the last 20 minute journey. the car is still driving like a train.

my thinking is would'nt the headgasket have failed from the off if thats the problem or could there be a problem in the block?

your thoughts please
oil in water system - Peter D
Correct, Head Gasket failure. Take it back, Sorry. Regards Peter

oil in water system - Civic8
Maybe a crack in head,though its been skimmed possibly not enough to correct the problem.But if that bad would need new head,as Peter D said take it back
oil in water system - bell boy
it might have also been skimmed too much,as said take it back to the garage they will sort it.
oil in water system - badkickers
thanks guys, your right

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