54 Passat knocking noise on suspension - ChrisJones
Hi all, I have just spent £10,000 on a lovely looking 2 litre petrol engines 54 plate passat from a London VW main dealer. VW peace of mind guarantee and an option to exchange in 30 days if im not satisfied. First day after collecting the car I got a knocking from the stearing and also from the suspension. Car was taken in and steering gator replaced and I was told the front jsuspension arm was worn (13000 miles!). Collecting the car I found the noise was still there. Whenever I go over any bump at all I get a knocking, if I pull away with any kind of energy when turning into a junction I also get the noise. I tried another car and found the same noise was present. The dealer is telling me I can have either car but the clock is ticking on the 30 days and I have no other chance to change. They are saying that this is a characteristic of this car, but only after not being able to cure it and trying twice! PLEASE can someone tell me if they have the same car and any similiar noise? Does anyone know if this is indeed an accepted 'chracteristic' of this car? Surely not?! Surely VW would not deem a permanent knocking noise as acceptable. I welcome any advice as I am now regretting the purchase and the VW dealer is refusing to refund me stating small print. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
54 Passat knocking noise on suspension - adverse camber
It shouldnt knock.

However there are many reasons why it might. Including but not limited to :
Top mounts.
susp arm bushes
wheel bearing.

My sis in law has had all three replaced on her 54 plate passat tdi4motion, due to knocking - got the impressin that the dealers are clueless
54 Passat knocking noise on suspension - JohnM{P}
The 15K 130TDi Highline Passat I had a courtesy car last month had no knocking; my old 97 Passat (now at 168K) only knocks when one of the front suspension bushes is worn (there are 8 of these suspension arms, first one needed replacing at 100K+). Rubbish to suggest it's a 'characteristic'; get them to fix it or take it to another VW dealer to get it fixed under warranty.

(My Audi 80 developed a knocking - turned out that both bolts had fallen out of the disk calliper and it was only the wheel rim that was stopping it from falling off completely - but that's another story)
54 Passat knocking noise on suspension - kithmo
Does it have Traction control and is there an indicator on the dash to tell you it is working ?
It could be the traction control kicking in in this slippery weather. IMO it depends on the tyres whether it knocks or not when the grip suddenly comes back, my Mk3 Mondeo used to knock a bit as the traction (ESP) kicked in when I had Continental tyres on. It doesn't do it with the Hankooks I've got on now. If it's got an indicator for the TCS then watch for it flashing when the knocking occurs. Nothing to worry about, but if you're concerned then ask the dealer to change the tyres.
54 Passat knocking noise on suspension - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
No knocking on my 73k ,2001 Passat. Even when traction control is working there is just a brutal shaking as grip is lost and found.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.


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