Tyre Prices - Bob H
I needed 4 new tyres for Mk4 Golf Gti 1.8t. The tyres are Pirelli P6000 205/55- R-16-91W. As I work in London during week I didn?t have time to travel too far to obtain the best deal. So, with one exception, I confined my enquiries to the London area. These are the quotes I obtained (all in price including VAT, balancing, valve, old tyre disposal etc)

Kwik Fit - £512.96
National Tyres £468.12
Several Small firms £410 to £430
Budget Motorists Centre £300.00 ? These I bought.
Micheldever Tyres(Hants) £248.84

I am staggered that there is such a huge discrepancy in price between identical products.
Re: Tyre Prices - Honest John
Micheldever buys its tyres on World markets, but will buy them from the UK distributor if that happens to be cheaper that week.

Re: Tyre Prices - T lucas
MD tyres also supply to the national chains.
Re: Tyre Prices - Martin Wall
btw - can you get Michelder to courier the tyres to you and pay a garage to fit them?
Re: Tyre Prices - David Kirkham
I had Michedever courier a pair of 225/45 R17 P6000's to my home for just £200 all in. Then a local garage (not one of the tyre chains, they wouldn't do it) fitted and balanced them for £20!

All in I saved about £150 against my local Kwik rip off price!

I've since ordered an extra one for the inevitable unrepairable burst I due to get any day for gloating about how much I saved!

David K
Re: Tyre Prices - Pete
Ford are bleeding money all over the world but own Kwik Fit so high tyre prices there may help the Ford balance sheet a very little bit, but not a lot!
Re: Tyre Prices - Leslie
Surely the point is the huge profit that Kwik Fit and others make whilst marketing themselves as 'cut price' outlets.
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