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lift fuel pump on 2001 mondeo - claireclk
can anyone tell me if they have had problems with lift fuel pump on the new shape mondeo, mine is a 2001 reg , and im just about to have my 3rd pump fitted, i know i have high mileage (173,000) as its used as a taxi, but surely 3 pumps at a cost of 399.99 each is a bit too much !!!!!
lift fuel pump on 2001 mondeo - Red Baron
Is it a diesel or a petrol engine as there may be a difference in the pump.

Do you know why the pumps have failed? Is it the seals, the electrics, the motor, debris, swarf. Three failures of the same device tends to point the finger away from the pump. The pump failure may be the symptom and not the cause.

My 03 TDCi has only done 42k miles, but have had no problems.
lift fuel pump on 2001 mondeo - claireclk
its a 2.0 tddi (which i have been informed means turbo diesel direct injection ) estate, have been informed by ford thats its a fault on this model , the lift pump is the back up pump that supports the main diesel pump, they also advise me that this appears to happen every 80,000 miles. not sure if they have corrected this problem on the new models but if you experience a jerking feeling and cutting out,and wont start again till engine is cooled down, and also it starts to give out thick black smoke , then with my experience dont carry on driving as both fuel pumps will need replacing, as the main pump shreds particles into the lift pump which is a massive bill of 700.00, it is a part which cannot be diagnosed by the machine they use as its outside the engine management system. Hope this doesnt happen to you. apart from that the car has worked very well and stands up to heavy taxi work.
lift fuel pump on 2001 mondeo - lezebre
Good advice about stopping I'd say.

Ooh, eleven hundred quid for the pumps to get the oil from tank to burner. Being a petrolhead is beginning to look more attractive...

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