N Reg Nissan Primera Window problem - Headstar
We've got a Primera with electric windows and the drivers window switch is very temperamental in that it pleases itself whether it works or not so obviously this is pretty annoying! any ideas?

does it sound like it needs a new switch or motor?

also it's (the window) continuously "squeaking" when we're driving

It's like a rubbery sounding squeak if you know what I mean - we had the garage look at it when it was in for a service, but the switch worked fine for them and after they had the door panel off, the squeak has been ten times worse!


N Reg Nissan Primera Window problem - sierraman
My window (not Primera)stops working on occasion.I remove the switch,pull it apart and give it a blast with switch cleaner,bits of crud find their way in and foul the contacts.If you can get yours apart try that.It could also be a loose connection to the switch so check that first.
N Reg Nissan Primera Window problem - Smileyman
I had this problem a few years ago (2002)... took the car to an auto electrician who diagnosed the motor as being faulty - it had to be replaced
N Reg Nissan Primera Window problem - Aprilia
Try a secondhand switch pack first - you should be able to get one for a £10.

The squeaky window needs a blast of silicone spray in the channel.
N Reg Nissan Primera Window problem - MW
Had the same problem on a SAAB. As above, very very carefully take the switch apart. Inside there are contact points, not unlike the old contact ignition points. They may be blackened as some sytems take quite a bit of current through. Gently clean up with fine wet and dry and reassemble. The key is not to snap the sometimes brittle plastic lugs etc, and to make sure springs etc do not fly out and away when taking it to bits. Before you do that see if you can substitute the other front window switch. If its fine the swith is the problem, if not, it's not.
N Reg Nissan Primera Window problem - Aprilia
I could be wrong, but I think the Nissan switch pack uses conductive silicone rubber pads which are pressed into contact with tracks on a PCB.
Another thing to check is the relay which operates the motor.
Not many manufacturers use metal switch contacts nowadays because of contact burn.
N Reg Nissan Primera Window problem - Smileyman
Before I visited the auto electrician the local Nissan dealer fitted a new switch .... it did not solve the problem so they put the old one back on and did not charge me for this.

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