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Volvo D5 Injectors - Andy
Anyone had any problems? I was reading HJ in the Telegraph on Saturday and apparantly D5 diesels may need expensive injector replacement (£1500) when over 3 years old. Mine's just over 3 years and has done 42K miles.

Cheers in advance.
Volvo D5 Injectors - SjB {P}
I wonder if the problem is related to cold starting and perhaps age, rather than distance covered: Last Thursday I travelled in an eighteen month old 225,000km (140,000 mile) V70 D5 auto (still beautifully shifting) from one of our Swedish offices to the airport. Although short of the D5 mileage accumulation rate I reported here www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=e&t=18...0 the driver explained that this taxi is shared by two other drivers and rarely gets cold.

I mentioned the D5 injector problem, and although fully aware of it he reported that in their near all D5 fleet they had not had one incidence of it, even in the cars that are now over three years old and at truly intergalactic mileage.

For information, my brother drives a December 2002 V70 D5 auto that is now coming up to 60,000 miles. Fingers firmly crossed!
Volvo D5 Injectors - Andy
That's encouraging to hear SjB, thanks. There are no starting problems at the moment (touch wood) and I also took out a policy with Warranty Direct to cover expensive breakdowns when the Volvo warranty ran out in May.

However this warranty didn't cover a burnt out headlamp wiper motor which failed in July, my dealer advised me it would cost £250 to replace. I asked if Volvo were willing to pay part of it and show some good will. The dealer rang back and said Volvo would do it for £50. Not bad I thought!
Volvo D5 Injectors - SjB {P}
Hi Andy,

Good luck and glad to hear about your Volvo goodwill. I'm pleased that it isn't just me who has experienced it; my case was the upper engine torque mount failing outside the two year (because I imported to the UK from the Netherlands) warranty. This is a well known problem and replacement was free.

BTW - If you want to check yours, here's how: www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=e&t=33...2

Photo of the redesigned mount that solves the problem here: forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=42986

Volvo D5 Injectors - Andy
Hi SjB,

Useful link, thanks.

I've just looked at the torque mount in my V70, seems like some more Volvo goodwill is going to be asked for! I'll take it in to the dealer and get it checked out this week.
Volvo D5 Injectors - Martin Wall

What's the impact of a shredded upper engine mount? Just checked mine (2001 V70) and the rubber bushing is badly split. If no Volvo goodwill is forthcoming what's the likely cost?

Also - "Suspension joints and bushes (especially front) unfortunately wear out with great regularity" - how can I tell if they are worn? Again - what sort of cost at a Volvo dealer?

Volvo D5 Injectors - SjB {P}
Upper torque mount

A torn upper engine mount usually manifests as more jerky stop-start driving and sometimes the odd 'clonk' during full bore gearchanges. I have never heard of anything more serious such as increased loading damaging main engine mounts happening as a consequence.

Although mine was replaced free of charge, I hear that the actual cost is about £45 from Volvo for the new redesigned mount which comes as a complete assembly of rubber bush and aluminium housing. If you buy a Volvo mount, make sure it is the new redesigned one (with a square bush per photo at forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=42986) and not the older design with round bush.

Fitting is easy for anyone even half useful with a spanner:

> Remove horizontal mounting bolt
> (For turbo cars) loosen and displace turbo pipe to allow access to an otherwise hidden engine cover Torx bolt; look carefully and you will find the bolts that allow this without having to actually disconnect the pipework
> Release engine cover Torx bolts
> Remove engine cover
> Release the four upper engine mount bolts
> Reverse to refit

If you are going to solve the problem by just buying the rubber bush from a motor factors or by fitting a polyeurethane equivalent (Powerflex, easily found on the web, is the most common in the Volvo tuning community) then it is not necessary to remove the entire assembly. Read what to do here: www.matthewsvolvosite.com/engine_mount.php

NOTE: Polyeurethane bushes increase transmitted vibration quite markedly and I would only go down this route if I had tuned my V70 2.4T well beyond the 258bhp/410NM that it currently has. In retrospect (even allowing for the fact that it was free) I am glad that I fitted a standard Volvo bush when my original one failed, because the lovely refinement is still intact.

Suspension bushes

Worn suspension bushes normally manifest as clonking or rattling over bumps, shortly afterwards followed by adverse tyre wear and eventually strong tramlining even above the natural camber sensitivity of these cars. 2003 model year and onwards S60/V70/S80 appear to be better than the earlier cars, and I hear (gossip) that this is because of redesign. This may have have some substance though because my father's 1998 S80 (one of the very first RHD in the UK, which he imported) has had countless bushes changed since new, whereas my brother's model year 2003 V70 D5 and my model year 2003 V70 2.4T have had no such failures and give perfect, even, tyre wear.

Volvo D5 Injectors - SjB {P}
an otherwise hidden engine cover Torx bolt should be an otherwise hidden engine mount Torx bolt.
Volvo D5 Injectors - Martin Wall
Excellent - many thanks!
Volvo D5 Injectors - trancer
Just when I had an S60 D5 SE shortlisted.

Engine mounts I can deal with, but not £1500 injectors 8-(. Is there anyway to indentify a potential injector problem while on a simple test drive?, I had planned to visit a specialist Volvo trader tomorrow, and bets on whether they will answer any injector related questions openly and honestly?.
Volvo D5 Injectors - SjB {P}
A quick Google revealed this on the subject of D5 injector failure: www.brickboard.com/AWD/volvo-965481.html

Hopefully therefore by ruling out the earliest D5s, the problem can be averted and you can experience what is a cracking engine in a cracking range of cars.
Volvo D5 Injectors - Andy
I have regularly used Valvoline Diesel injector cleaner approximately every 6 months on my V70 D5 since new. I don't know whether this has helped keep mine running for over three years. Can't do any harm I suppose.

I was thinking of changing the V70 this year but it has been running so well and it's still immaculate inside and out that my wife decided to spend the money on something else - a new bathroom!
Volvo D5 Injectors - trancer
"you can experience what is a cracking engine in a cracking range of cars."

That it is, I came away very impressed with both the engine and the car in general. More research will need to be done on any injector issue, but I dare say that right now it isn't swaying my opinion.
Volvo D5 Injectors - Martin Wall
SjB et al - a further question or two if that's ok...

Looking at front tyres this morning notice that although passenger-side tyre has worn evenly, driver-side tyre is much more badly worn towards the outer side (feathering effect) than the inner-side. Does this suggest worn suspension bushes or something else?

If I go to the dealer how can I get them to check this - i.e. is 'suspension bushes' the technical term or is there an official Volvo term or part # for these? I'm a bit confused as to where these parts would be and what would need to be removed to replace them.

If it is suspension bushes are these seen as a 'wear-and-tear' item? What sort of ballpark figure to get these done? Is it only the front parts that wear out prematurely?

The car is a 2001 Y plate 140bhp that's done 45000 mainly motorway miles.

Many thanks - this has been very useful for me. How do you know all this info anyway? :-)

Volvo D5 Injectors - SjB {P}
Difficult to tell, Martin, without seeing the car and tyre but suspension bush wear is a distinct possibility, especially given the known susceptibility of the Volvo P2 (the S60/S80/V70 platform) range of cars to it. In the case of my father's 1998 S80 that he has owned from new, the offenders have always been anti roll bar drop link bushes and lower suspension arm bushes. The former just rattle and clonk without causing adverse tyre wear whereas the latter can rattle and clonk as well as cause adverse tyre wear. In fact, it was adverse tyre wear that alerted him to the problem before clonking noises became apparent. No rear suspension bushes have failed on his car although it is true to say that Dad was convinced one had; infact it was a front drop bar link bush, again, even though it sounded like something at the back!

If you turn up in an S60/S80/V70 and mention "suspension bushes" then any Volvo dealer or decent independent Volvo outfit is going to know where to start looking straight away; the problem is that well known. My guess is that MOT style levering with bars with the car in the air would be a starting point. Thankfully, the components that fail are not especially expensive (even though it would of course be nice if the design faults didn't exist).

When it comes to frequency of replacement, I think it's true to say that Dad has replaced one or two bushes every couple of years (either drop link or lower control arm). I have no other hard experience to go on; only the mentioned comments from other enthusiasts and a discussion with my trusted Volvo indy that it is a common problem on the early S60/S80/V70 models. As mentioned above, so far my brother's 2003 V70 D5 and my 2003 2.4T have escaped.
Volvo D5 Injectors - adverse camber
Chnace of damage to the exhaqust/cat due to excessive movement.

There is an alterative top mount which is better (so I'm told) but mines a tdi and so has different fittings to the petrol and d5.

The front drop links are a fav failure point as well. clunking from the front end, difficult to diagnose, £50 from volvo, alternatives for £20 elsewhere.

If you have a volvo the owners club (£20/year) gets you 10% off at the dealer (also some sort of deal/extra discount on a new car)

genuine parts from Nordic - but tell them you are trade otherwise they arent much cheaper than the dealer.
Volvo D5 Injectors - Andy
Thanks Mark, that's useful to know. I may join up.

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