petrol over diesel - Peter
As I drive about 10000 miles a year, is a 1.6 petrol car a better bet than a 1.9 diesel. How many miles before the extra cost of diesel fuel/car cost made up?
RE: petrol over diesel - Andrew Bairsto
I live in Germany and last week Autobild magazine ran a test of six cars
one diesel the other petrol .Having taken into account all fixed costs it would
need in the region of 25000km to break even and to think that you have had to
use smelly diesel I stick to petrol.
One other point many people use Aldi cooking oil to run thier diesels .A 100000km test
test by the above magazine proved no disadvantages and it even smells better,
Also many petrol stations in Germany sell Bio diesel which is sunflower oil and is sold at amuch cheaper price than normal diesel
regards Andy Bairsto

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