New Volvo S80 - SjB {P}
With Swedish friends informing me that the current model S80 is officially now renamed "S80 Classic" in Sweden, it looks like the long awaited new S80 isn't far off.

Sure enough, a quick web search revealed the following pictures including the first I have seen of the interior; It looks like it will have the same floating panel for the centre console as the current model S40 and V50. Despite the web sites "we're not sure" comment, it also looks very much like a V8 - and therefore Yamaha's - sitting under the bonnet.

For those interested:*#8

New Volvo S80 - SjB {P}
Actually, whether a ruse or not, look carefully at the trailer being towed in one of the pictures and it clearly has the legend "V8" on it!

So, as well as looking like a V8 under the plastic cover that so many manufacturers fit these days, and having the camshaft drive on the opposite end of the engine to the fives and sixes, perhaps it is indeed Yamaha's V8.
New Volvo S80 - Vincent de Marco
Nice car, no doubt... That Yamaha's V8 found its way into XC90's engine bay as well. I guess the new S60 will follow shortly.
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