Quoted me happy! - cheddar
The "That's lucky" thread has made me think I should also offer praise where praise is due.

I called NU Direct to ask how much to add business cover, quoted £32, not bad I thought, phoned back to arrange, "sorry sir we have miss quoted you", oh dear, "it won't actually cost you anymore at all", are you sure FOC!, "we will send you a revised schedule".

Well I have the revised schedule and there it is, my wife and I are both insured to use my car while going about our respective employer's business, apparently the £32 related to being self employed.

Although I would have claimed the additional cost from my employer I still consider myself quoted happy.
Quoted me happy! - Deryck Tintagel
They quoted me happy-ish this year. The price was considerably lower than my renewal but I had heard unfavourable things of them - particularly the call centre being off-shore.

I noticed that they were offering 14 months for the price of 12 so gave them a call. Turns out that it costs more than the quote for 12 months. In fact more than the 12 month rate pro-rata. The salesperson was a bit too pushy for my liking so I opted to stay with 12 months' cover. They then managed to get the start date wrong and couldn;t change it so I had to spend 10 minutes waiting for customer services! Not a good start but it is £70 cheaper.
Quoted me happy! - cheddar
>>particularly the call centre being off-shore>>

Can be a pain, Sat am calls seem to get through to someone on this continent.

Quoted me happy! - MichaelR
Bunch of muppets. Quoted me £600 on the internet, excellent.

Rang up to query whether my Ford optional extra bodykit was a modification or not. Yes it was, they said, meaning I'd have to buy over the phone and lose the internet discount. So it was £800.

Quote me unhappy, thanks.
Quoted me happy! - jdc
"Bunch of muppets"

Same could also be said of the customers that ring in to our centre, never having read the policy, no idea what they are covered for, and no idea how to read a simple list of phone numbers or press the right option button, or listen to what someone has said, etc.etc. etc.

Muppettry works both ways !!

There is a definite problem with modifications though. Even a tow-bar causes some problems to our Indian friends !

There is a common misconception that all the offices for NU are in India. Not true at all

Quoted me happy! - helicopter
jdc -

I take it you are employed in a call centre for NU somewhere in UK.

I just hope I don't ever get to deal with you if that is your attitude towards your customers.

Customers are not Muppets , they are your profit and are to be cherished and nurtured. You ,on the other hand are an overhead to be reduced by your company if possible by outsourcing to somewhere cheaper.. so how long will it be before NU outsources your job to somewhere cheaper by the bean counters?

There are a vast number of people out there who are confused by modern technology and the terms of the insurance policies they are sent, not least the people who are trying to sell them to us from foreign call centres it seems.

When will insurance companies realise that most people prefer to speak to a human being , not a machine and preferably a human being in the same continent who speaks and understands the same language.

Quoted me happy! - daveyjp
I have no problem reading the list of phone numbers and which button to press, but from experience I know that if I call the sales line - regardless of my query - it will get answered quicker than the other lines.

BTW a MacDonalds restaurant in the US has recently outsourced part of its operation to India - any guesses which part of the operation?

All Frizzell policies cover for business use and have spouse cover automatically.
Quoted me happy! - Pete Mansell
I was until recently a long term NU Direct customer, but refused to renew when the call centres moved to India. I am not being racist, but will not deal with a company with foreign call centres (especially after my experiences with Tiscali). My insurance is now with Saga who guarantee UK call centres only.
Quoted me happy! - Mike H
Good on you. I've thought of doing the same - it's clear that there is still a language barrier when something other than totally simple is required of them. It also pays to find out which times the call centre trips to India - I know that I can speak to someone in the UK quite often during normal hours.
Quoted me happy! - Big Bad Dave
I couldn?t give a rats if they installed call centres on Moon Base Alpha my bottom line on insurance is price. Anyway, I enjoy talking to girls with foreign accents.

NU are very much in my good books at the moment for both price and flexibility.
Quoted me happy! - madf
I don't Care. i aheb bfoadband with NTL. Their customer service was lousy (did not use it much tho:-). They have now opened a call centre in India (?) and now we have cover at weekends.. so a payoff.

And the price has fallen.
Price and service is what I buy on..

(More Than insurance saved me 10% vs Esure this year and better cover:-)


Quoted me happy! - Adam {P}
NU changed the renewal quote, wouldn't let me buy online and didn't understand what the hell I was on about.

But here's the thing, they're still the cheapest by miles which is why I'm with them.

You can deduce by this that I'm ageeing with BBD. Whilst I may bitch and moan about ringing someone on the Eastern fringes of Uzbekistan, I'll still go back providing they can obliterate the competition on price. Which, to be fair, they do.
Quoted me happy! - helicopter
Dave - Cheapest isn't always best,

I would be very careful to check what you are getting when you go for the cheapest price and make sure you are looking at 'like for like' cover.

I make sure every detail is correct and confirmed in writing. I do not want to give any insurance company a 'get out'

The true test of insurance comes when you want them to pay out.

Generally you gets what you pays for.....

And if I want to talk to girls with foreign accents I can go to Calais for a day trip.
Quoted me happy! - daveyjp
My sister works for NU - they are currently undercutting most insurance companies to achieve greater market share. These reductions will be made up over future years.
Quoted me happy! - DrS
My wife is insured with NU, as they were the cheapest quote with best level of cover.
She suffered an accident, and we are still waiting for it to be resolved two years later.
Phoning the Indians is fun.
My half of the the conversations goes like....
"Its a Chrysler Neon
Chry - sler Ne - on
Chry - sler
See Aitch Arr Why Ess Ell Eee Aar
Chry - sler
etc, ad nauseam.

Renewal time is like buying a rug from a Tuareg tribesman, and normally involves doing some kind of confusing deal where they send you a cheque three months after your next door neighbour's son's barmitzvah, and you can't remember if you ever received it or not.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a tightwad.
Quoted me happy! - Big Bad Dave
"Dave - Cheapest isn't always best"

Couldn?t agree more, that?s probly true for most things, and so for most things I usually buy the best that I can afford because most things I buy have knobs, buttons and things I can play with.

But insurance, oh man, who wants to shell out the price of a widescreen TV every year for something that doesn?t even come in a box? Or in Adam?s case, a fairly decent plasma TV.

For me, it?s about staying legal, most of my driving is done with my kids in the car and they?re my insurance policy that I will always take the greatest care I can. I haven?t claimed in my twenty years of driving, but now that I?ve said that...

I?m not actually with NU, nor am I with the cheapest I could find, I?m with a company that had the easiest on-line interface as I was drowning in work at renewal time.

Value my car