New Nissan Poster Camapign - Nsar
Does anyone else find the new poster campaign from Nissan offensive?
It's for the Navara I think - any way it's a big double cab pick up job.
The car is pictured on a black background for macho effect and the ads feature copy lines like "The new sign for Give Way".
They may as well have written "get one of these and you can use the road on your terms and other road users had better get out of your way".

It is simply irreponsible and if you feel the same way I'd encourage you to write to the ASA and to Nissan.
New Nissan Poster Camapign - thallium81
It's an advert, it is meant to be light hearted no doubt. If you don't like it don't buy one.
New Nissan Poster Camapign - Aprilia
It's an advert, it is meant to be light hearted no
doubt. If you don't like it don't buy one.

Sorry, that's not the point. This ad is intended to appeal to aggressive numpties and only makes their behaviour worse. A bit like the Mitsi ad for the Warrior or the old MB ad which said "The only car with built-in right of way".

As someone who lives in a suburban area with more that its fair share of 4x4's (and had two cars damaged in the last 20 months by poorly driven 4x4's) I don't find this sort of advertising light hearted at all.
New Nissan Poster Camapign - Happy Blue!
Yes, I saw this and thought it was a bit agressive.

Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
New Nissan Poster Camapign - AngryJonny
To be fair, we all know this is exactly the reason why urban folks buy 4x4s. Nissan, I suppose, are just saying what we already accept. Still... if someone's life is so empty that they've got to get their kicks from pushing in front of you, you've got to let them have their little pleasures.
New Nissan Poster Camapign - Nsar
Would you be happy with an ad for an alcopop which said "8 of 10 wife beaters said they prefered it" or perhaps "kebab shop owners beware"?
Giving in to this kind of rubbish is the best way to ensure that aggressively idiotic driving spreads.
New Nissan Poster Camapign - BazzaBear {P}
I kind of see your point, but 'writing to the ASA'? I think this is taking it all a bit seriously. It's like the people who complained about the MG ads because it had 'speed lines' so promoted speeding. It's a bit sad really, isn't it?
I mean, do you really think that this ad is going to make people drive more aggressively? Or do you think, as I do, that the numpty who will drive like that, will drive like that regardless?
We should probably ban Top Gear while we're at it, no, and join (Lack Of)Transport 2000?
New Nissan Poster Camapign - Shaz {p}
(Lack Of) Transport 2000.... like it!

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