1999 HDi Central Locking problem - davidwoakes
I've got a 1999 306 HDI which is exhibiting some strange behaviour. Occasionally you have to use the wrong button on the remote control to unlock the car (ie the button that should lock it.

When this happens the car then refuses to start and an independent electrician i had look at the car reported that the ECU reported it was locked out as if the key security codes had not been seen by the BDU (?) so was refusing to let the engine start.

Recently having left the car open, I returned and it refuse to start. I managed to clear this by locking the car with the key in the drivers door, holding it so the deadlocks activated and then bliping the car open.

Peugeot dealer claim their is no connection between the central locking and the ECU, but my car only refuses to start when the central locking is playing up (which fault is intermittent).

Has Anyone had a similar experience or think the dealer could be wrong ?


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Peugeot 306 Central Locking problem - solara
The immobiliser is tied in with the RFID tag contained within the key. Try using your spare key, to see if that helps.
Peugeot 306 Central Locking problem - davidwoakes
When initial problem I tried all the keys (I have 3) to start it but none worked.
Peugeot 306 Central Locking problem - davidwoakes
One of the dealers has stripped the passenger door down and found that the latch was sticking and not operating properly. They have greased it up and put it back together.

I will get the car back tomorrow, if the problem recurrs I'll post again!
Peugeot 306 Central Locking problem - solara
If the latch is sticking, the central locking system will auto-unlock the car. logic is.... attempt locking car, check all locks locked, if not locked then unlock all.

If it were a sticky lock or a break in the wiring, you would get the classic lock, followed by an unlock action.
Peugeot 306 Central Locking problem - solara
You can try this by leaving a door ajar (open), and then attempting to lock the door via the central locking system.
Peugeot 306 Central Locking problem - davidwoakes
I've had the lock/unlock problem with this car also on occasion, but the main concern has been leaving it locked and coming back to find it had unlocked itself. I dont know exactly how long before the unlock, but the delay in unlocking is long enough for you to go away assuming that the car is safely locked...
Peugeot 306 Central Locking problem - Fleet operator
Check the drivers door harness, this fractures where the cables go from the door the column, £50.00 quid and they dont even put spade connectors on the other end.

The car will not start for you as if the car has deadlocked and you try to start the the immobiliser kicks in and you need a code reader for the ECU to reset the immobiliser.

I had the same problem and had to fix it this way.

Goto www.autotap.com here you can get the lead for the ECU to link to a laptop and read and clear engine codes, a must for a PUG owner.

Hope this helps.

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