Fiesta Engine - Chris Williams
In the Car by Car breakdown it mentions that some Fiesta engines (CVH) need regular cam belt changes whereas others (push rod) do not. How do I know which one my wife's 1995 1100 (one of the last of that shape) has ?
RE: Fiesta Engine - honestjohn
Dear Chris,

The 1100 is a pusrod engine with a timing chain.

To tell the difference between 1300s, the CVH has a flat camshaft and lifter cover; the pushrod engine has a taller, domed cover.

You can also remove the oil cap and look underneath for pushrods and old fashoned narrow rockers. While a timing belt is almost always located under a plastic cover on the opposite end of the engine from the gearbox. No such cover on a pushrod engine. But just to confuse matters, Land Rover diesels and ford 1.6/1.8 litre diesels have both a timing chain AND a timing belt. Chain from crankshaft to fuel distribution pump. Belt from pump to camshaft.


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