Pug 406 Clutch Judder in Reverse - Mike M
My '99 Pug 406 HDi has recently started what feels like clutch judder when starting off - but only in reverse gear. Setting off in forward gear is fine, even on a steep hill. I've checked the left, right and rear engine mountings and they are are secure and look in good condition. It's still on the original clutch and I've never had any problems in this area before. Grateful for any advice on what could be causing this.
Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - CG
If it's any comfort to you Mike I had a 406 X-plate Hdi 90 from new, and there was always a slight judder in reverse. The usual response "there's nothing wrong with it" proved to be right as it did 95K before I changed it without any attention to the g/box or clutch. Yours is not the first I have heard of, although the fact that it has developed at 6 years old might be explained by others who know far more about these things than me.

Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - DL
How many miles, Mike?
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Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - Mike M

My Pug has done 101K trouble-free miles (not counting the stone through the AC condenser last year). I first noticed the judder when I reversed up a slope a few weeks ago, but now realise that it also happens, but less severely, when reversing on the flat. It's not bad, but if it is something on the way out, I'd rather change it before it fails completely.

My first thought was that the engine mountings after 6 years and 101K are probably starting to get soft, as the back and forward gearstick movement when in stop-start traffic in first gear seems to have increased. Visual checks show none debonding or cracking of rubber that my Montego had some years ago at this mileage. Also, if my Montego was anything to go by, replacing the engine mounts could be very expensive, so it's not something I want to do if I don't have to. Any advice/suggestions gratefully received.

Mike M
Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - nig.xl
My Hdi also does this, but I have also only had the car a few months so I don't know when it started. I hope it is normal as it's the only concern I have with the car at 104K miles.
If you do find out the reason I would also like to know.
Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - Peter D
The clutch does not know what gear you are as it always rotates in the same direction. So it is either a Gearbox/diff problem or a CV joint that is lumpy when reverse loaded. Check the drive shafts for movement i.e. can you pull the shaft out its its centred position, check both inner and outer CV's. Also try reversing with at 3/4 steering lock on both left and right. Come back with the results. Regards Peter
Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - Mondaywoe
Don't know if this is relevant but my old Xantia did something similar when reversing up a steep slope one day. The clutch then seemed to slip and judder a bit for the next few miles - then cleared completely. I put it down to oil getting onto the linings somehow when the car was reversing up the slope.

Could the backward momentum of the car be flicking oil onto the linings??? Possibly a bearing seal.

Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - Mike M
Peter D: Sorry for the late reply but I've been away for the past week. I've just done the checks you suggested and found nothing untoward - no play in the shaft and no strange noises when in reverse on 3/4 lock. However, while it was up on the ramp with the bottom engine covers off, I noticed that the rear engine connecting link rubber has corroded/cracked and needs replacing. How I missed it first time round I'll never know but I'll let you know if this improves matters after I've changed it. Hopefully, Peugeot sell just the rubber by itself and not the whole casting that it fits into!!

Mike m
Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - martint123
Engine mounts rotted with oil?? (torque in the oposite direction).
Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - Mike M
Funny you should suggest that. While I was doing my first service after I bought the car at 60K miles, I noticed that the plastic pipe between the turbo and the inlet manifold was covered in oil. Turned out that someone had mis-aligned the jubilee clip at the turbo end and the resulting leakage of high pressure air had left an oily film over the whole area - including the rubber engine mounting in question. It was a pig to get to, but repositioning the clip cured the problem.
Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - Mike M
Just an update on the judder in reverse. Problem solved by changing the rubber bush in the bottom (rear) engine steady link. The rubber had started to crack causing excessive engine movement in reverse (I think the rubber is in compression when in a forward gear, but in tension when in reverse). Haynes says you have to remove the half shaft and mounting bracket to press the old bush out and the new bush in, but I managed to do it in situ without too much trouble.
Pug Clutch Judder in Reverse - jamie259

Hi mike I know this is an old thread but it great to see an update . I have just brought a Peugeot 307 cc 2.0 16v on 2005 plate 94 k on the clock. I have the same issue here . But mines in first and reverse on low revs . I used to smell the clutch burning in reverse mainly before I swapped the clutch over. And it seems to be doing more juddering maybe because it got more grip on the clutch. There No burning smell no more. Just judders I did notice the bottom engine mount of where the drivers side drive shaft runs through it. Is worn . Over the next few weeks before crimbo I will be replacing all 3 mounts top bottom and gearbox mount . and I will report back. This seems to be a common issue with the Peugeot range

P's I have read on other forums there are after market engine mounts what are supposed to be better

My I add to this that anyone reading this post and have this issue what I have make account up so we can help each other out . Best regards james

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