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Water in petrol - J Bonington Jagworth
Peering intp my motorcycle tank yesterday (to make sure I had enough to get the petrol station!) I spotted some water globules swilling about. Probably been there for ages, but I'd like to get rid of it/them. Simple (but awkward) solution is to empty tank and to dry it out - is there any smarter or neater method?

On a loosely connected topic, I've got an old helmet that is crumbling inside. Is there any better way of disposal than the local tip?
Water in petrol - volvoman
Try Wynns Dry Fuel additive - you just pour it into the tank and it emulsifies the fuel with the water and bingo, it gets burnt off. I've used it several times.
Water in petrol - J Bonington Jagworth
Thanks, VM. I was hoping there'd be something like that! Wonder how much water it can cope with? Also wonder if the result will be similar to water injection and improve combustion?

One way to find out, I guess... :-)
Water in petrol - volvoman
Couldn't tell you that but 1 325ml bottle is sufficient for a petrol or diesel car fuel tank and the advice is to use the additive after filling up. Apparently it is formulated to:

Absorb water from the fuel tank;
Guard against rust & corrosion;
Improve cold starting;
Clean fuel injectors;
Prevent carburettor & fuel filter icing;
Improve fuel economy;
Restore lost power.

The leaflet supplied also says it should soften carbon deposits and varnish coatings which build up in the combustion system.

If you've any questions why not give them a call on 0118 950 4090.

or e.mail:


Water in petrol - J Bonington Jagworth
"Restore lost power"

Ah, the lost power. The end of my search is nigh...

I'll let you know how I get on!
Water in petrol - Pete M
For a cheaper solution, Methylated Spirits, which is mostly Ethyl Alcohol works the same. Or even better, IsoPropyl Alcohol, or Propanol, though this is slightly harder to get.
Water in petrol - sierraman
Isopropyl alcohol is available from Maplins in aerosol,very useful.
Water in petrol - mfarrow
Isopropyl alcohol is available from Maplins in aerosol,very useful.

They'll also sell it to you in 1 litre cans.

I believe it's used as a cleaner in stage lighting/sound. Might be worth contacting a place that sells pro stuff (not Hi-Fi). Will be cheaper than Maplin, so I've been told.

Mike Farrow
Water in petrol - mfarrow
After a quick search...

Water in petrol - J Bonington Jagworth
Thank you all.

£9.95 for 5 litres sounds very reasonable - I might stop using petrol altogether! :-)
Water in petrol - DL
Wynns Dry Fuel works a treat, I've used it many times on old Metros with leaking fuel filler necks to get rid of the buildup of water in the tank.
groups.msn.com/honestjohn - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Water in petrol - J Bonington Jagworth
Interestingly, Wynns say that their product doesn't contain alcohol, although of course they don't reveal what it does contain.

BTW, a search for 'Wynns' and 'dry' on Google revealed that it is also an Australian wine label! If none of this works, I'll try that instead...
Water in petrol - wantone
some aussie wines taste like fuel additive.
feels like there stripping your stomach as well so shoulnt be much water left in your tank?
Water in petrol - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Many moons ago I got water in the tank of my Renault 18TL and lost most of the power on the M6.AA got me going again but mis-diagnosed the problem.
One of the jets was being blocked with the water and pulling the ckoke out got things going again.Blasting the jet through with WD40 cured things temporarily IIRC.
I fitted a fuel filter just to see what was going into the carb and slung meths into the tank.
Got purple water in the filter until I sold it a year later but the car never actually stopped again.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Water in petrol - mfarrow
I've bought some stuff from the CFS people. Good delivery time and you get a copy of their catalogue with price booklet. Really useful for all things fibreglass and filler wise so should be a good alternative to David's.

Mike Farrow

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