Bentley Running Costs - Mudguts
I am trying to find out the cost of running a used Bentley.

Obviously I would expect my fuel bill to just about double, based on getting around 30-35 MPG at present. Insurance would also be a bit more.

What I'm interested in are the servicing costs more than anything.

As an example, a 1992 Bentley Turbo R for 19K:

...76,000 miles from new with main dealer service history...A new engine was fitted 10,000 miles ago (due to flood damage) by Hanwells of London costing £19,700.

I realise they are a tank of a car but really nice to drive.

Comparing this car to a NEW Vectra / Mondeo I would expect it to depreciate but even if it dropped in price as fast, after another five years of ownership It would still be a nice car to have.

What I'm driving at is the idea of buying a car that I would be happy to own for a decade or so and how this would compare to your average buy. In other words, breaking the depreciation cycle of newer car ownership. This would be a car that would be as far as possible maintained by an independant specialist (that I may be able to locate).

What are your thoughts?
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Bentley Running Costs - Happy Blue!
Every couple of years you see an article in the papers or magazines about this very thing and saying that it could be economical motoring, even if you do about 10,000 miles pa.

There is limited depreciation on a Bentley thats 13 years old and if it has a full serice history you should be OK. But and it is a big but... all cars can go wrong even Hondas and Toyotas. As you noted, an engine is almost £20,000. So, if it goes wrong, your theory is up in smoke. If you could guarantee no major expenses of this size I would go for it, but if your budget would simply melt away with this sort of expense then be warned.

Insurance would probably be no more than a Ford as you get special cover. There is a Bentley specialist near Bolton if you are in the North West. Suspect that servicing is not cheap, but with limited depreciation, why worry. Its simply a running cost.
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Bentley Running Costs - mike hannon
Must admit, I'm interested in the answer to this one as well - time is running out to fulfil these long-held dreams...
so - what does something like a turbo r or continental r really do to the gallon?
i'm not quibbling the fact that it won't be much but sometimes filling stations in this part of france are surprisingly few and far between!

btw, espada III, i saw one on the road at the weekend - hope your family's not too big...
Bentley Running Costs - Ed V
Why not consider a VW Phaeton, which is the forerunner of its next Bentley. A £50,000 one could be had for £25,000 two or three years old and would surely cost relatively less to keep going. The V10 diesel is said to be awesome!!

I'll bet you couldn't tell the difference driving it (from a Bentley).
Bentley Running Costs - Stuartli
A close friend is getting a brand new one in the next few weeks - I'll keep an eye on the running costs for you...:-)

But it's outside my sphere....:-(
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Bentley Running Costs - Alfafan {P}
Why not consider a VW Phaeton,
I'll bet you couldn't tell the difference driving it (from a

I'll bet you could!

Why not ask James May, he has or had a Bentley for a few years.

What frightens me is the cost of consumables like exhausts, starter motors etc.
Bentley Running Costs - Garethj
As said, depreciation is likely to be much better on a 10 year old Bentley vs a VW Phaeton.

I beleive fuel economy will be around the 15-18mpg area but have a quick look at the price of consumables - exhaust, brake discs and pads, tyres etc for a shock. Even an annual service will be expensive because of the massive amount of oil the thing takes!

Rust can be an issue too, and you'll need to check that the suspension isn't due for an expensive overhaul. I'm sure there's a Bentley club that can help you out with what to look for?

I've run a big limo for a few years and loved it, but go into it with your eyes open. Lots of people don't which is why some cars end up with 5 owners in 10 years.
Bentley Running Costs - Happy Blue!
I could say unfortunately, we had our third child nine months ago so we would not all fit, but as my daughter is such a cutie I will forgive her anything, even not being able to get the whole family into my favourite Lambo!
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Bentley Running Costs - P 2501
I would be very wary of any flood damaged car. I know the engine was replaced, but what about elecrics, interior and other components? Was the work done to a high standard? It could be a car that gives lots of irritating little faults that detract from the experience, and possibly cost a lot of money.

Its a nice idea but a little bit too risky i fear.
Bentley Running Costs - Dave N
Don't forget that Bently's aren't immune from rust, especially at that age.
Bentley Running Costs - madf

You'll be ;ucky.

9-12 in town I think.. 18 on a long gently driven run..

Flood damage?

Beware mysterious electrical faults occurring years after as damp causes prgressive corrosion of all electrical connections. I believe on these cars some very strange side effects : door electrical systems and brakes tend to interact I believe..


Bentley Running Costs - Mudguts
I have found the Bentley Drivers Club Bulletin Board at:

Which is quite useful. One thing I did dig up though was a topic about the "Skoda Continental GT?" and couple of pics at:

Makes me wonder about the newer RR and Bentley cars. I would have thought that pre BMW / VAG cars would be holding their value nicely now, even though the later cars are probably better.

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