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2001 vauxhall astra 2.2 idle problems - highflier
hi...been having some idle problems with my astra bertone 2.2, it started a couple of weeks ago,

the car would stall from a cold start but then run all day without any problems until the next day it will stall from cold again, it has now started to idle erratically settling on around 1500 rmp instead of the usual 750...there is also a whiff of petrol coming from somewhere...is the choke sticking??

i have had a diognostic check done on it but no faults came up, the garage suggested it may need an idle re-set done

somebody else suggested to clean out the throttle body with carb cleaner

doese anyone else have any suggestions???
2001 vauxhall astra 2.2 idle problems - Caveman
Won't be the choke sticking - they don't have them anymore. All electronic these days.

Not sure if the 2.2 have an idle control valve or not ~ having a fly by wire throttle? My 1.8 Vectra has one and caused me all kinds of trouble until I washed it out with carb cleaner.

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