New Road Tax rules - Steve G
Just read a very small article in the Top Gear mag which talks about new legislation stopping cars being dumped by the roadside.
Apparently the rules are you will have to pay road tax on a car until you have sold it or scrapped it. This will mean any vehicle dumped without tax can be taken away immmediately and scrapped (currently this can take upto 40 days).
I would like some more information on this because it goes against everything all goverments have done in the last few years. In particular this will anger the classic car enthusiasts who would have to pay road tax even when their cars are undergoing restoration (sometimes for years).
Re: New Road Tax rules - Tomo
I do not think it makes sense, even in the current climate of virulent anti-motorism. You have to tax it, surely, or make a SORN declaration.

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