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Hawk Tune-Up analyzer woes. - martin66

I have got a Hawk Tune-Up Analyzer at a boot sale but I don't know how to use it! There are 4 wires coming out, a red and a black with crocodile clips and a red and a black which have bare wires at the end. Can anyone tell me how to connect it?




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tune-up analyzer - tony@tooting
I would guess that this gauge has a display that can show dwell, rpm, and perhaps voltage?
If it is then it is realy for an old car, (Pre 1992 ish) that has got a points and condenser ignition system. If you have a car with electronic igntion then it will not be much use.
I would suspect that two wires will go to the battery, and the other red will go to the negative side of the coil, the black MAY then go to earth. What exactly is on the display?

Regards Tony
tune-up analyzer - none
Hawk used to market DIY exhaust gas analysers. Two wires connected to the battery, and two others (about 10ft long) connected to a sensor poked in the exhaust pipe.
tune-up analyzer - martin66
Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply. I have 1970's cars, a Daf 66 and a Volvo 66. Don't cars have points any more? I also have a modern transporter van but it is diesel. The display has tach, dwell, amp, volt, point and off.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

tune-up analyzer - Galaxy
I think I've got one of these things in my garage somewhere. No idea whether I've still got the instructions, though. Give me a couple of days and I'll try to have a look for you.

Yes, it does have another unit which samples the exhaust gas, as well as the main indicator unit with the meter on it.

I haven't used it for years!
tune-up analyzer - Galaxy
Found it!

However, I've got my doubts whether it's the same as the unit that you have. I do know that Hawk made quite a range of tune-up equipment and accessories, and what I have is just one of them.

My unit is called a Hawk Exhaust Gas Analyzer, model number 64-4057E. It's purpose is purely to set the carburettor air/fuel mixture ratio, and nothing else. It doesn't carry out any other tests like resistance of points, dwell, RPM, etc. It purely measures the air/fuel ratio and CO %. Wouldn't be of much use on a modern car!

The wiring connections are a Black and Red crocodile clip lead which go to the 12 volt battery or power supply.

There are then three very short leads, Red, White and Blue, which all feed into an unusual three-pronged connector. This then connects to about a 12 foot long 3-core lead which connects the Analyser to the sensor which samples the exhaust gasses. This also has a matching three-pronged connector on it. The sensor is meant to be clipped to the read bumper using 4 springs which are supplied. Try doing that on a Mondeo!

To me, the most interesting thing about it is the fact that it's made in Japan! Obviously produced before manufacturing in that country became prohibitively expensive.

I do have the water damaged instruction sheet still, but I'm not 100% convinced that I've got the same unit as yourself. If you did want a copy then I'm sure we could sort something out, please do let me know.
tune-up analyzer - martin66
Thanks for your trouble, much appreciated. Mine is made in Japan as well, but it is nothing like your unit. Strictly a tune-up analyzer with tach, dwell, amp, volt, point and off settings. I might try connecting the red and black crocodile clips to the battery like yours does. The other red and black leads that are bare wires presumably did have some sort of connector at one time. I maybe should put a pair of croc clips on them and have a play. Best wishes, Martin.
tune-up analyzer - Galaxy
OK then, martin66, perhaps your unit is a bit more like this one that I just found on ebay. The bloke selling it says it takes a 9 volt battery so I don't know what the Red and Black leads with crocodile clips are for. Must be for carrying out one of the tests, rather than powering the thing.


Thought it might be of some possible interest.

tune-up analyzer - neil willis
This is probably a little late but I desperately need a tune up analyser and a hawk gas analyser instruction sheet.

I could pay for both or if youve sent yours to the other guy let me know and ill contact him, thanks


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tune-up analyzer - hanskloss
Hi Galaxy, I'm looking for a copy of the Hawk gas analyser instruction booklet, seems the one you have is as mine, can you help here?
tune-up analyzer - neil willis
did you get a copy of the gas analyser, I deperately need one, I also need a tune up analyser for dwell, tach etc
Neil 12 June
tune-up analyzer - jba
Hi folks
I have one of these Hawk gas analysers in the shed, but don't have the instruction book so don't know how to use and set the unit.
I know that the topic was discussed some time ago but is a scanned copy of the instruction book still available.
tune-up analyzer - honest arthur

Hi Martin 66,

Ihave one of these Hawk Gas Analyzers and have mislaid the Manual somehow.

Would really appreciate if you could E-Mail a copy at arthurhughes@telkomsa.net.

Thanking you in anticipation. OHNESTARTHUR.


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tune-up analyzer - DDSJim

I have one of them too..The two aligator clips are for battery hook up. My other two leads are attached to a copper bar with a wire connection on one end and a spade lug on the other to test amperage...Forgot how to do dwell ,points and rpm.

tune-up analyzer - John S
With a dwell meter, you normally need connection between the CB terminal and earth and a power supply for the meter (unless it has like mine home made and using a built-in battery). I'd guess this one has a a second pair of leads for the battery to power it up.

On mine you set the meter to 90 degrees for a 4 cyl, 60 deg for a 6 cyl and when the car runs the meter drops back to indicate the dwell angle.

tune-up analyzer - martin66
The one on ebay is like mine but in mine the bottom half with the knob on is much smaller, more like a stem, and there is no room for a battery inside so I guess that the croc clips are for a power supply (on the pcb they are marked and -) and the other leads go between the CB terminal and earth (on the pcb they are marked A and A-). There are different scales for 8 cyl and 6 cyl dwell and rpm, and it says 4 cyl = 8 cyl x 2. I'll try it out tomorrow - fingers crossed. I hope the thing works after all this! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all your help. Martin.
tune-up analyzer - martin66
It seems to work without a power supply. With the red croc clip on the CB terminal and the black clip earthed it gave readings for:
tach (300 x 2 for 4 cyl = 600 I guess)
volts (7)
dwell (24 degrees x 2 for 4 cyl = 48 degrees - should be 55 - must adjust)
point - there is a "points ok" area but the needle was in the middle of the "points bad" area - what do they mean by bad exactly?
there was no reading for amp, however when I connected the other two leads with the bare wires across a 9 volt battery the needle went off the scale so perhaps that is what these leads are for - what is an ammeter used for, just for checking the alternator? Do you connect it between the alternator and the battery positive terminal?
tune-up analyzer - mjm
I no nothing about your analyser, this is just a general comment.
An ammeter is for measuring the current flowing in a circuit. Current is measured in amperes. I would strongly advise against using it to measure the alternator output, this can be anything up to or above 50/60 amps. I doubt if your analyser will withstand this much current. Most common ammeters run out of steam at about 10. Higher current readings are usually done with a shunt resistor connected to the instrument.
tune-up analyzer - martin66
It's calibrated up to 60 amps - one mother of a meter!
tune-up analyzer - Civic8
Do yourself a favour.You bought it at a boot sale..As you said not complete and not calibrated. Do not rely on readings you get as they may be false..Unlikely it is going to be accurate..Unless bought from secure source you have no guarantee it will work correctly.And if any possible problems. you have no comeback..Bits missing on boot sale items I wont buy! could be dangerous.Just my thoughts
tune-up analyzer - jc2
Sounds remarkably like the small Suntesters ot that age;they would work on the tacho/volts without a battery but one was needed for dwell.
tune-up analyzer - Ruperts Trooper
It does sound like an old dwell/tach meter - very useful when engines had contact breakers - but not a lot of use on cars built in the last 20 years.

I must have one somewhere in my garage, I haven't used it since we sold our 1980 Escort - do you want another one?
tune-up analyzer - the original horse
galaxy, your c/o machine can still be used on todays motors,
tune-up analyzer - Galaxy
If anyone wants a copy of the Hawk Exhaust Gas Analyser Instruction Sheet, I have scanned my copy (4 Pages) and uploaded it to the following fileshare website.

I hope it will help someone.

The links for each of the four pages are as follows:





Hope the links work; good luck!

tune-up analyzer - cristian1961
Hello sir,
Please can you upload again Hawk Exhaust Gas Analyser Instruction Sheet, because only the first page is active others were deleted.
I have an analyzer of this type, and I did not have the owners manual , and can not use it. Thank you Cristian
Hawk Tune-Up analyzer woes. - OldSchool54
Martin66, I was looking for instructions on how to connect my Hawk 610 Tune-Up and Diagnostic mini-analyzer, because the page for the basic hook up is missing from my instruction book, the basic hookup is black croc clip to battery ground, the red croc clip to the negative of the coil this is for dwell readings. The other two red and black on yours is missing a shunt bar that will test charging current for alternator or generator. The bar is, was in your case a 3 inch piece of brass with "U" connectors on each end. This analyzer is for cars with points and condenser. Mine still works good
Hawk Tune-Up analyzer woes. - jonnyriver

Hí mate , my name is Jonny , from Brazil, south american, I'm new member, thanks.

Please, I'm needing a instruction manual of HAWK 610,620 exhaust gas analyzer.

can you send me ? Thanks.



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