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LPG - Ian Seth
My car (Scenic 1.6 16valve) uses about 7.5p worth of petrol per mile at about 42mpg. What would be the likely cost using LPG (ignoring capital cost of installation).
Re: LPG - ladas are slow
i wonder what the new hyundai matrix would do for about £5 of LPG, as it does 93 mpg.
Re: LPG - Guy Lacey
It works out about 50-60% of the cost of running on petrol. I run a 1991 Golf GTI on LPG and fuel costs are circa 5p/mile vs 10p/mile on unleaded. There is a 10% loss in economy, no loss in performance and LPG costs 35p/L vs 68p as at present. (it was even better when closer to 80p/L!)

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