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Worst cars of the year Germany - Andy Bairsto
These are the awards given by the ADAC (AA) for the highest number of problems occured during the year.
1st Alfa Romeo /Fiat problems to numerous to mention.
2ndMGf just about every car broke down.
3rdOpel frontera brakes,steering,gearbox failure and exhaust problems.

Special prize to DB for the C class with the highest number of a single complaint Door rubbers
and to Audi for having to replace every car seat delivered in their taxi models.

The best BMW,Toyota and Ford.
These only represents vehicles attended to as breakdowns
Re: Worst cars of the year Germany - Dave N
Can't say as I'm surprised by any of the top 3, especially alfa/fiat with their spag-bol wiring.
Re: Worst cars of the year Germany - Julian Lindley

Being an "old hand" I recognise that a new model will have specific teething troubles no matter how much in house testing is undertaken. Trouble is, is that I own a new MB C class myself!

Is there any more info that you might have re this model? Alternatively is there a web site for me to view the detail?

Kind regards,

Re: Worst cars of the year Germany - ladas are slow
where in the chart was lada, because i understand that ladas are available in germany.
Re: Worst cars of the year Germany - ian (cape town)
Door rubbers?
Just on the LHD models, i hope.
UK RHD drivers, any problems?
Re: Worst cars of the year Germany - Honest John
That's excellent news from Andy and something for me to add to the car by car? The question is, why can't the AA or the RAC do something similar. Okay, we all know the answer to that. Because they provide breakdown cover for the manufacturers.


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