Toyota Corolla T Sport alarm fault - postmanpat
I have a 2003 TSport and the alarm goes off when it is parked outside in the sun or or on warm days. Toyota main dealer has had 5 goes at fixing , including various adjustments and a new bonnett movement sensor, but no joy as yet. Am beginning to doubt their ability to solve it. Anyone any ideas?
Toyota Corolla T Sport alarm fault - defdog
I have a '99 Corolla GS and the alarm was not armed, but with nobody near it and all dors, boot etc shut, it armed itself and went off and the only way to stop it was to disconnect the battery.
Toyota Corolla T Sport alarm fault - Saltrampen
On an older Corolla (1995) model which used movement sensors, it was possible to adjust the sensitivity using a screwdriver on a adjustment screw on the alarm "block box". I presume the main dealer has tried this when you say various adjustments. ON my old Corolla the alarm sensitivity would be greater when the battery was nearing the end of it does sound like oversensitivity....

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