Nightmare! - Sue
Last night I dreamt we were on holiday with my parents. Bad enough to begin with, but then I went to show them our new car (which they haven't seen yet). It was parked on a hardstanding near the cottage we were all staying in. I thought something was wrong with it, but couldn't work out quite what. My father commented on the fact that one of the front light mountings seemed to be bent. That was when I noticed that there were no wheels left. And woke up.

I'm pleased to report that the car was intact this morning, and the front light arrangement on the car in my dream is nothing like the real thing.

Any other good or bad car dreams back-roomers want to share?
Re: Nightmare! - John Davis
"Any other good or bad car dreams back-roomers want to share"

Ah Sue, yes of course but, with deference to those readers of a delicate disposition and the risk of offending public decency, I won't outline that recurring dream of mine except to say that it involves a 1953 Ford Prefect and Bridgitte Bardot. Both the Lady and the car indicate that youth has now passed me by but, tis such stuff that dreams are made on and it's regular return, during my sleeping hours, does, I think, keep me youthful in mind if not body. Others will have to tell you what a Ford Prefect was. Merry Christmas
Re: Nightmare! - Tomo
Why is it that in dreams, at least for some of us, things are always a bit askew (or else very!)?

Never managed either Bardot or a Bugatti, myself - though Loren and Ferrari would be even better!
Re: Nightmare! - Simon Saxton

Much better in a Savage Cortina,John!!

Re: Nightmare! - THe Growler
This one is odd as well........

I have to say that just last week I found myself driving with Gloria Arroyo, our very attractive petite President (some of you may have seen her pix) in the right hand seat. Stopping at a junction I put my hand on her thigh and she turned and smiled radiantly...........

..............and then I woke up :-(

Rather oddly, two days after that the Growlette was in church for morning mass, and Gloria was there on one of her periodic walkabouts among the people. Growlette was able to speak briefly to the President and shook her hand.

So, at least one of us managed to press the flesh in the flesh so to speak!

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