Galaxy - heated fron screen - Pete Williams
We have bought a 2nd hand Galaxy privately - all the paperwork etc in order and pleased with our buy - and as a rule if I buy privately I get the thing dealer serviced asap and if necessary change the cambelt which will see me through my ownership lifetime. At the service I requested that they investigate that the passenger side of the screen doesn't defrost - the only apparent fault. The only report back was 'suspect front screen'. As the service and cambelt change was time consuming I am not convinced that this was properly investigated. I'm a handy chap but can't get hold of a copy of a Haynes manual or similar to help me, I know that the LHS and RHS have 'contacts' in either corner under the dashboard area but can anyone advise either,
1) a source of a workshop manual ( as I don't want to take it to Ford every time I have a small problem ) or
2) can anyone advise wire codes / numbers or where to check on the vehicle.

Many thanks,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Re: Galaxy - heated fron screen - T lucas
In my experience with Ford heated front screens when they dont work on any part, thats it,only way out is replace the screen i have never managed to repair one.Depending on where you live its maybe the kind of toy you can live without?They seem to have a very limited life.
Re: Galaxy - heated fron screen - ian (cape town)
back around November 5 there was a thread regarding faulty screens and rockets...
January 1 is just around the corner, and you know what late-night revellers are like.
It wouldn't surprise me at all if some vandal kicks in your windscreen ...
Re: Galaxy - heated fron screen - Moosh
Q. Who pays for the screen?

A. We all do with yet higher insurance premiums !!!!
Re: Galaxy - heated fron screen - Honest John
If Pete's Galaxy has a 2.0 litre, 2.3 litre or 2.8 litre petrol engine it doesn't have a timing belt, it has a timing chain. If it's a diesel, it has a belt and the timing belt tensioner should be replaced at the same time as the belt.

Re: Galaxy - heated fron screen - Dave N
The 2 halves of the screen have a connector on each side behind the A pillar trims. If you remove the trim you will see the connectors with a black & red wire going into them, as well as an earth. They both work from a single relay and fuse, so that must be ok. If you check for power at both connectors, you can see if it's the screen or not.
Re: Galaxy - heated fron screen - John S

Presumably you can also check across the terminals to see if the screen is open circuit.


Re: Galaxy - heated fron screen - Pete Williams
Many thanks for all your comments, I will have a look and see if we can sort it out. It's just 'nice to have' it all working OK. The car is 90% garaged so early morning frost is not normally a problem.

It is a diesel, I'll check the tensioner after Christmas break, thanks for the tip.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Brilliant site HJ - I reckon I have saved quite a few pounds this year primarily through asking a few questions to your readers about car insurance and subsequently asking the right questions at the brokers. I hope that I can similarly help somebody in 2002.



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