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volvo s40 diesel - johnboy1967
looking to replace my 850se and have seen a s40 diesel 1999 v plate with 125k with fsh in excellent condition for £3450.i bought my 850se from the same garage so should get a good deal.is this a fair price for this car and any owners got any advice on what to look for.cheers.
volvo s40 diesel - Happy Blue!
I think the diesel is an old Renault unit that is agricultural. Think you can do far better for the money that one of these.
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
volvo s40 diesel - SjB {P}
Whilst at best an average kinda car, some of the (original, not current) S40 models are quite decent, especially the lively and flexible 2.0T that doesn't overwhelm its chassis like the T4 does. The 1.9 diesel however is the clattery old dog of the range. Not a patch on your older 850.

As Espada III says, you can do a lot better for your money, and I write this even as a Volvo enthusiast.
volvo s40 diesel - No Do$h
HJ's views on the S40, especially in its diesel guise, are pretty straightforward:


It's a car I considered a couple of years back. Not an impressive car to drive. Check the Car by Car Breakdown on the left for more.
volvo s40 diesel - Nickdm
The pre-2000 (or thereabouts) 1.9d lump was agricultural. When the updated "phase II" S40/V40 model came along (W-plate?) they offered 2 new diesels, 102 or 115bhp. These were a huge leap forward over the old engine, but still not great by today's standards.

Can't really fault the rest of the car though. I ran a 1999 S40 petrol for 2 years: comfy, spacious, and had alloys, aircon, CD,... standard fit (the XS model). Totally reliable too.
volvo s40 diesel - daveyjp
I went in a 54 reg old shape a few months ago and was surprised how noisy the diesel was. Hearing what other passengers were saying was difficult.

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