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Best wishes everyone ... - Darcy Kitchin
During the course of my working day, I am face to face with computers all day long. Listening to my customers and their users describe their PCs, server's and other equipment's little foibles for 8 hours a day, and then trying to sell them more, bigger, better and faster equipment just so they can get into trouble twice as quickly and lose more data. It's hard, but it's a living, it's extremely rewarding when it goes according to plan and it's the only thing I know, so when the opportunity comes to shut up the laptop and do something different, I grab it. That opportunity starts in about 10 minutes.

My irrelevant and irreverent coments will therefore be silenced until 2nd January, and a good thing too you may say.

So, my best wishes for a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2002 to you all. Thank you all for providing informative, helpful and thought-provoking posts over the last few months.

Have a good one, everyone.
Re: Best wishes everyone ... - Mark (Brazil)
And to echo;

Whilst living in South America has many advantages and can be very exciting, all of you have made my life more interesting, more thought provoking and kept me sane in the mad times.

Happy Christmas to you & yours, and may your New Year be most successful and rewarding.

Re: Best wishes everyone ... - Moosh
Don't forget to tell us when you solve that puzzling bumber sticker?

BTW, What is the literal translation of "pequenos" ??
Re: Best wishes everyone ... - Mark (Brazil)

> BTW, What is the literal translation of "pequenos" ??

Written as "pequeños" in Spanish and "pequenos" in Portuguese the literal translation in both is "smalls".

The plural of small.

Typically used the same as you would use "small", except by language rules it has to be plural or singular depending on the subject.

Can be used generically as referring to a group of small people.
Re: Best wishes everyone ... - Tomo

Has this, or has this not, to do with underwear?

73 de Sandy.

Best wishes from Tomo.

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