BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Andy
1980 BMW 635i automatic.

+ points: 109,000 miles, full comprehensive BMW service history, sound visible bodywork

- points: requires replacement front shock absorbers, has stood outside for 3 months and is therefore damp inside, possible leak through sunroof.

That is literally about all I know. If anyone has any advice on what to look out for, the value of the car, given that it has a current MOT until October 2002, or any other advice, I would be very grateful.

Could this be a potential classic at a bargain price or will it ruin me financially along with my Christmas?



P.S. The model does not appear to be listed in the Car by Car breakdown.
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - ian (cape town)
I seem to recall these things take '@!#$' sized tyres, which are very expensive and difficult to get.

One of my colleagues has one - I'll ask him, and post tomorrow.
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Tony
Depends what you want to do with it and how capable/hands on you are,but be prepared to keep getting your plastic out,its an old BMW and will need some TLC,but could be a lot of fun.
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Dave
How did it get an MOT two months ago if it needs new shocks?
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Andy
Some more information required:

I currently drive a 1985 C BMW 316, 100k, FSH, clean and original and am very happy with it. Have not been able to sell it before I go travelling for 6 months so was preparing to store it in the garage. Have done this before with another car and had no problems.

However, have come across the 635i and have fallen in love...! Internet surfing reveals that, in the right condition, these cars are still worth serious money. Have discussed a possible deal of part exchanging my on the road car plus a couple of hundred quid with the 6 series, in need of some t.l.c and warmth.

That is the dilemma. Am I being young and rash?
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - ian (cape town)
25mpg when driven "properly", a pig to get spares for, insurance v high, bound to be picked up by plod! (Bit of a pimpmobile, as well.)
If you break any glass, forget it!
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Mark (Brazil)

> If you break any glass, forget it!

So what do people do with any car if they break a piece of glass which is not made anymore ? Can you get special ones made up, or are you stuffed ?
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - ian (cape town)
pretty flat glass like side windowns can be specially made - but is hellish expensive.
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Andy

Think that the shock absorbers have seized because the car has been stood. Am taking it for a drive tomorrow but will have to do a deal tomorrow or never, given the timescale and the fact that my insurance expires at midnight...


Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - David Millar

My feeling is that you should go for it if the bodywork is very sound but agree it could prove a costly investment. However, I love the look of these cars. My only experience is of a 633Csi I looked at about six months ago. Appeared great at £750 in the ad but turned out to be a neglected rust bucket. I could see daylight through one of the rear arches from inside the boot. It, too, was damp inside from standing but didn't have a sunroof. From the research I did at the time I seem to remember a front end for the 633/635 (bumper and valance was £1500-2000 so don't run into anything if you get one. I trawled the web too for info but all I seem to have left is the piece below from an Australian newspaper.

Prices for the 635s seem to be all over the place which I suspect reflects the variable condition. 'My' 633 also had service history (incomplete) and about 80K but was a heap. Doesn't put me off wanting one with leather seats and sunroof.


Clipping reads:
"A worn engine is bad news. Cylinder head problems are common on all six-cylinder BMWs from the 1970s through the 1980s. Overheating is bad news. Items like power steering and differenatials can be alarmingly expensive to overhaul. The automatic gearbox is mostly reliable. Privately imported cars which may have done service in the UK or the southern parts of Africa may be riddled with rot. At the end of my successful 1993 Traga Tasmania campaign, I jacked the car up to change wheel and the rusty sill collapsed under the weight of the jack. Please be warned
Summary: If a pristine example of a 633 CSi drove into my life (especially one in Garnet Red or FJord Blue or that lovely green, the name of which I cannot recall - Receda Green? - I'd be a shot duck.
Alternatives: Logical rivals include the Mercedes-Benz SEC (V8-powered but less sporty by nature), the Alfa Romeo GTV6 (smaller car, smaller engine, more exciting), the quixotic Jaguar XJs or the newer Honda Legend coupe"
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Tomo
Well, Andy, this is a car you buy if you really like it, not because it's sensible.
Print out all the adverse comments here and use them to frighten the seller!

Good luck,

Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Ian Aspinall
Just had a look in Practical Classics magazine for you, and apparently they did a detailed buyers' guide on the 6-series coupes in their Spring 2000 issue. Email to get a copy.

As for prices, they reckon £6000 = excellent condition, £3250 = MOT'd and usable, £1250 = rough.

Hope that helps,
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - David Millar
Practical Classics can't be serious or they are basing those prices on what the overoptimistic are asking for much later cars. Andy's C-reg BMW plus a few hundred sounds much more realistic. It is a 1980 car he is talking about so is one of the first of the model. I would not want to pay more than £1,000-2000, depending very much on trim and colour as well as very sound bodywork. You can get an early 7-series for that sort of money and it is probably a better car if nowhere near as attractive.

Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Ada , y lips are sealed. Nurse ay I have y edication no ?
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - David W
Well Andy are you going to get it today?

I'll only tell you what I think if you left it alone. I will say the £200 might have been better spent on buying Mark a couple of beers in Brazil when you get there.

Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Andy

Still have not decided.

Am going to drive the car at lunch time but I doubt that I will offer the guy any money for the car. Straight swap or nothing. I have reconciled myself to the fact that, however much I love the car, the money would be better spent traveling.

The only problem then would be getting it into the garage before the parents see it. Then, I'll wait for an e-mail in deepest Namibia when Dad has decided to unearth the lawn mover for the first cut in Spring...! :-)

Will keep you posted, thanks as ever for all of the help.


Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Matt Kelly
Have a look at this page -

frightening tyre costs !!
Re: BMW 635i - Any Advice, Please - Richard Hall
I wouldn't do it if I were you. Old German luxury car + damp interior + standing for 3 months = a never-ending plague of electrical faults which will drive you mad. And if you're then planning to stick it in your garage for 6 months....

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