New discs & pads for PUG 205 GTi - ihpj
I have been toying with the idea of replacing the pads and disks on my PUG. From the S/H I gather that the discs are genuine and have covered some 65k (genuine!) miles from new, while the pads were last replaced @ 35k. By reading through the forums here (and not wishing to re-hash old topics) and my own 'real life' driving experience, I accept that the PUG doesn't have the best of brakes. Since I believe I have factory original discs with aftermarket (Unipart?) pads the braking is OK - not awful, but not great. So I've always thought about upgrading the discs and pads.

Upon checking my brakes today I found the pads to be very close to wear and a definite (but even) 'lip' on the discs. So I ordered a set of EBC Turbo Grooved Discs and Greenstuff Pads (whole lot cost £135 all in)...but logging on tonight I see the 'offer' from CPD Re: Rossini disks.

While I wait for my pads and discs to arrive, I'm interested to hear from fellow Backroomers if they have any particular opinnions either way and if you have any recommendations for particular disc and pad combinations?

I'm not going to modify my PUG so a 'big brake' conversion is out of the window etc. my only objective is to get 'better braking' from my PUG which I do tend to drive enthusiastically between the many roundabouts here in Milton Keynes. My aim is to keep the car original and regularly serviced in the hope that if I treat it right I can also have a little fun in it without fear of failure.

Any fellows out there who could share their experiences and comments as to if I have made the right choice by selecting EBC or should I go for the Rossini offering - or even a third alternative?

Many thanks ...
New discs & pads for PUG 205 GTi - Johnnyp
Recommend the EBC green pads and grooved disc combination, removed the fade that I used to get on my 1.6, but replace the flexible hoses to braided steel ones at the same time, reduces the "spongyness" in pedal stroke no end.


New discs & pads for PUG 205 GTi - ihpj
but replace
the flexible hoses to braided steel ones at the same time,
reduces the "spongyness" in pedal stroke no end.

*HmM* braided lines you say? It's something that I've thought about doing/getting done but never got past the thinking bit. Do they really make that much of a difference? And is it a job that I could maybe do myself if I were to take my wheel off to replace the disc and pads?

Thanks for your thoughts guys. I will post back Re: EBC discs and pads once fitted.
New discs & pads for PUG 205 GTi - tr7v8
I've got Rossini Discs & standard Alfa Pads on the 156 which doesn't have good brakes as standard. They were a nadge cheaper than standard Alfa discs. The discs look amazing although wife was less impressed. I intended going to EBC greens but couldn't work out which ones I wanted as their are 1 of 2 for my MY. Brakes are good and a great improvement. I suspect Pad wear will be slightly higher with grooved/drilled discs but having run them on the Alfa 75 a few years ago it wasn't a vast difference. The advantage of EBC Greens is much less black brake dust on the wheels. You'll be happy with the EBC discs although I suspect they were more money than the Rossini ones.

New discs & pads for PUG 205 GTi - Cyd
I have EBC Turbo Groove discs on my Rover 820 Turbo. I used them initially with Green Stuff and would say that this combo would be ideal for you. There was a significant improvement in braking power right from cold. And virtually no dust. Previously the car had Tarox discs and Mintex pads.

I've since changed to EBC Red Stuff, because that is what is recommended by EBC for my car because of its weight (1425kg) and performance. These are not as good cold, but they are stonking once warmed up and despite trying very hard I haven't experienced any fade yet. The Red Stuffs are also kinder to the discs because they take more of the thermal load themselves - important on my car because R800s are prone to warped discs. there's more dust though.

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