Won the court case - William Chiu
Hi all,

A few months ago i posted a topic about my car engine cutting out on me while driving and also facing going to court as the police didn't believe me.

heres the link again to recap on what i said at the time....


Well the good news (on my behalf) was that on Friday my solicitor rang me with some good news that the court have dropped the case as the mechanic who my solicitor hired said that when a car engine decides to cut out it will be hard for the person to fully regain control of the car and would likey to swerve and lose control, and also that the history of the car itself which was enough to have the case dropped entirely....so i am happy with the outcome......

Re: Won the court case - Dan J
Well done for having a go William and congratulations on the result.

Re: Won the court case - David W

I recall we were all a little negative about your chances, myself included. So well done.

Re: Won the court case - Dwight Van-Driver
Thanks for the information William I was wondering how you came on.
William 1 CPS O
Re: Won the court case - mike harvey
Nice one William. I suspected initially that they would not pursue it.
Good result.
Re: Won the court case - Martyn, Back Room moderator
That's really good news. Well done!

And thanks, too, for finishing the story.
Re: Won the court case - Dave
All you need now is the claim for false arrest, damages for libel, damages for personal distress. Then there's your costs and the impact on your work... No chance you can find some ethnic minority DNA in your blood is there? Get the Guardian on side...
Re: Won the court case - William Chiu
Hi All,

Great to hear from some of you guys who gave me some advice at the time. It has been a strange year what with the car crash and also summons to go to court but i am now relieved that all of this is now behind me.

I have been reading back the old comments made about whether I should go and plead guilty or not and I did think long and hard about getting a solicitor to fight my case, at the time he thought it could go either way but i stuck by and paid for his services (nearly a grand) and basically hoped for the best on the court day but luckly the mechanic believed in my statement and was willing to be used a witness on the court day.

I would like to hear from others if they had similar problems with the police and court cases...


Re: Won the court case - THe Growler
Great idea. Use the system against itself.
Re: Won the court case - ian (cape town)
Well fought, William.
Now, all you need is for this case, and many like it, to be publicised in national newspapers... (Hint, Hint, HJ)
Re: Won the court case - Honest John
Ian is right. If William e-mails me with the full story I will run it. But I don't have the time to assemble the bits and pieces from previous postings in the Backroom. Unfortunately, because the case was settled out of court it did not set any legal precendents, which is, of course, precisely why the case was settled out of court.


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