Space wagon - simon benarroch
I need a 7/8 seater car (for school rota) and am looking to spend £4/5000. Am i correct in thinking that my choice is limited to a Mitsubishi space wagon. Galaxys etc seem to start higher than this.
Where is the best place to buy one? I have kept an eye on the BCA web site but they dont have many. It must be automatic.
I saw an aution house in Southampton that sells 2nd hand imports from japan. Is that cheaper and can i get parts for it in the uk.
I live in N London.
I would appreciate your help
Re: Space wagon - John Davis
Hello Simon,
You are in EXACTLY the same position as I am, ie, only about £4/5000 available and I must, soon, replace my ageing but splendid MK1 Nissan Prairie.
I too have investigated this market and, yes, the Japanese imports do look good value but, the downside seems to be a fairly "iffy" availability of spares and, the big if is that many insurance companies won't touch Japanese imports so, investigate this first with your insurer before you buy. The import seller can get you insurance but, I understand, the rates are astronomical. This forum gave me good advice re a Japanese imported Toyota Townace (not too good) so, I am still looking. Hoepfully, I will find a good MK11 Prairie. Inevitably, it will be a bit long in the tooth but, if the quality is anywhere near the MK1, I would probably go for it and,also, save a bit of money.
John Davis
Re: Space wagon - dafydd tomos
I'm a very long way away but am selling a H reg. 7 seat Mercedes 200TE Estate for £3500. You should be able to find one closer to home as there are quite a few 7 seaters around. Another option is a 7 seat Shogun.
Re: Space wagon - honestjohn
There are lots of imported Toyota Town Ace diesel automatic 4x4s around, most about 10 years old with 100,000 miles but with asking prices of £4,000 - £5,000. This isn't a recommendation; merely information. A taxi driver I use actually lost money importing two of these and a Toyta Lucida, which is a slightly narrower Jap market Previa.


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