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Yesterday's is the price right? - Anthony Farrar
Yesterday I posted a message about a very low mileage car I was being offered - an L reg Clio with a genuine under 11K on the clock. HJ replied that many people are still taken in by low miles etc etc. Surely, though it means that the interior will be almost new, bearings and running gear will not be worn, brakes will be okey dokey etc? Or not? What are the main things which might go soon - the whole engine?
Re: Yesterday's is the price right? - RogerL
If it's low mileage it means that it has only been used for short trips OR it has stood for long periods between use. It will probably be MORE mechanically worn than an average mileage car although the interior trim should be in better condition.

High mileage cars are often in better condition than average ones because on long journeys, it's only the first 5 miles or so that causes any wear. Once everything is up to temperature and oil is circulating then very little extra wear occurs.
Re: Yesterday's is the price right? - Roger K.
I have bought several very low mileage used cars and have never suffered any major problems.

Of course if you are lucky, the car may have been used on a few long trips only. (second car perhaps)
Re: Yesterday's is the price right? - Phil
On the brakes front, with all that time standing., they might be a bit rusty/seized.
Re: Yesterday's is the price right? - Guy Lacey
It also means it has been driven on short journeys, usually in town. The clutch and gearbox (particlularly 1st to 2nd synchro) will be shot.

I have never owned a car with less than 60k on the clock and the majority of my cars have been bought at over 100k.
Re: Yesterday's is the price right? - Julian Lindley

All the responses you have recieved are correct.

Sometimes however, even the best explanation can still leave you perhaps with nagging doubts. If this is the case please go and order the 4 back copies (or even 1 copy) of HJ's book Motoring Answers. The Q's inside from motorists of every background represent your "Q" in umpteen ways and get honest and straight answers back. To me, with an engineering background, there content has been invaluable in order to prempt a possible car crisis or expense, and they are a wonderful source for reference.

The understanding of a modern cars systems, eg catalytic converters and their link with a cars ECU system, is vital to understand if you want to avoid other problems.



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